Sean’s NFL Bets Week 11

Congratulations! You made it to another weekend. Celebrate by winning yourself money while you enjoy your friendsgivings.

A quick look back at my week 10 record.

Heists: 1-1 

New Orleans dominated the Bills just as expected, but boy oh boy was I wrong about the Cowboys.  Nobody’s perfect.

Hits: 4-0

Vikings vs Redskins O/U 40  BOOM

Saints vs Bills O/U 48 BANG BANG

Bengals vs Titans O/U 40 BOOOOMMMM

OVER OF THE WEEK: Dolphins vs Panthers O/U 38 $$$$$$$$$

I will never understand people who bet the under.

Holdups: 1-2

Patriots – 8.5 hold off.     You’re an idiot Sean

Steelers -11 hold off.   You got lucky.

Rams -12.5 hold off on it.   IDIOT!!!

Not a bad inaugural week. I can stay for now.  Here’s my week 11 picks.



I think Jacksonville’s defense is going to have a field day against everybody’s favorite embarrassing franchise.

Jacksonville -9 vs Cleveland is heist city.

I think Denver comes back from the dead and has a good game against the Bengals.  Everyone is talking about the Broncos struggles and their 5 game losing streak, but the Bengals are TERRIBLE.  Osweiler moved the ball well against New England and I expect them to do the same against Cincy.

Denver -2.5 vs Cincinnati in a sneaky heist.




Houston Texans vs Arizona Cardinals O/U 37

Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Chargers O/U 41

Denver Broncos vs Cincinnati Bengals O/U 38


Seattle -2.5 against Atlanta is not worth it to me.  Seattle’s defense has been depleted with Chancellor and Sherman now both done for the year.


Patriots CRUSH the Raiders tomorrow in Mexico City.  Pats -8.5 is a freebie.

Have a good weekend everybody.








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