The Cleveland Cavaliers actually stink.

I’m going to have a lot of fun writing this one. I’ll admit it.

Before I start here I think it’s important to address this fun thing that Cleveland Cavaliers fans like to do whenever someone from Boston talks/laughs/enjoys their struggles as a basketball team.

“Boston fans are such a joke, they have such a complex with Cleveland that they have to root for us to be bad.”

I have read some sort of variation of that quote on Twitter for the last three years. Here’s my response.

NO SHIT. Do you not understand what a rivalry is??? IDIOTS.

Stop with the complex thing because I’m not sure you even know how to use that correctly. Seriously, that’s what sports is about… It’s about wanting the teams who you square off against (and have lost against) to do poorly. Plain and simple.

Now that we’ve cleared that up…



I know that the Cavs slump every year at some point and if you see my Celtics post about why we shouldn’t panic about them losing four in a row, the same thing applies. The regular season is long.

This is different though, and everyone knows it. The Cavs have these mini-skids during every regular season that EVERYONE overreacts to and then LeBron blows it out of proportion with his Instagram posts and sub-tweets to make it seem like he’s parting the red sea in a time of need.

Not this time. The only Instagram posts we see from LeBron are to congratulate himself on scoring 30,000 points. No subtle jabs at teammates. Nothing.

I think LeBron is packing his bags in between home games, and that’s why you don’t see as many posts, tweets, and subliminal jabs… Essentially I think LeBron is asking for a late checkout at the Hotel of Dan Gilbert. He wants to stick around and try this season but he knows full well that he holds all the cards.

The only thing we see from the Cavs is them giving up 4 million points per game, and then having players only meetings where they scream at Kevin Love because I imagine Kevin Love laughing uncontrollably inside his mind about how ridiculous this all is.

Cleveland can’t stop a nose-bleed. Isaiah doesn’t fit into the offense without hindering LeBron’s touches and he certainly doesn’t help their defensive issues.

JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Tristan Thompson are being paid around 179 million dollars combined to play basketball this season… and they’re doing it so badly that I think I could give about the same quality of minutes.

Meanwhile… Here in Boston


Even with the Celtics losing four in a row, everyone is still laughing at Cleveland.

You want to know why?

Because the Celtics are going to figure their struggles out… Whereas many don’t think the Cavs can really do anything else. People are talking about the Cavs trading for George Hill as if George Hill is going to save them.

I do understand that the Cavs will still find a way to be competitive come playoff time. LeBron James will not let them be miserable in the playoffs. Still, when the going gets tough I really think this Cavs team will need miracles to defense opposing offenses.

This team has a lot of issues, and if you’re wondering who won the trade… I don’t think there’s much of a debate now. The Cavs stink.



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