Tom Brady Is Out Here Sparing Lives.

One of the interesting tidbits from Super Bowl Opening Night last night was Tom Brady being the saint that he is and probably saving a guy’s job/life/existence.

Brady told reporters who kept asking him about Alex Reimer’s comments on his 5-year-old daughter that he hopes WEEI doesn’t fire Reimer for his comments.

Yes, I know… “What else was he supposed to say?”

Still, Brady could have gone “No comment” the entire way through those questions and he chose to extend an olive branch to Boston sports talk radio’s “Idiot of the Week”.

We all know what this means, right?

Reimer has been suspended by WEEI but not fired, if he is kept on and can go about his job normally from here on out… Tom gets the credit. I don’t care if he was never going to be fired in the first place, credit goes to Touchdown Tommy.

It’s hilarious to think about this guy literally owing the rest of his entire career to Brady sparing him. Tommy wins Super Bowls and also maintains the employment rate. Incredible.

Just imagine 10 years from now if these two run into each other… They both probably laugh it off but then out comes Brady’s daughter who just kicks this dude right in the nuts Adam Vinatieri style.

*Brady bends down to Reimer writhing in pain…*

“Now… Now we’re even.”


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