Who won the NFL trade deadline?

Yesterday’s NFL trade deadline was quite possibly the craziest trade deadline I’ve ever seen. I felt like I was playing franchise mode in Madden where everyone starts flipping picks for dynamic players because the only thing that matters is winning the Super Bowl RIGHT MEOW.

A lot happened, and not every move is going to be covered here. Just making sure that’s known so I don’t get yelled at. Below are the teams that were widely considered winners yesterday and the move they made. We take a look at them and assess who really won with respects to THIS SEASON.

Philadelphia Eagles: Receive running back Jay Ajayi from Miami for a 2018 4th-round pick.

Seattle Seahawks AND Houston Texans: Seahawks receive offensive lineman Duane Brown and Houston receives a 2018 3rd-round pick & 2019 2nd-round pick.

Buffalo Bills: Receive wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin from Carolina for a 2018 3rd-round pick and a 7th-round pick.

Everywhere you read, those are the winners. I agree with it too. I guess you could lump the Patriots in there with how high that second-round pick from San Francisco is going to be but I’m still kind of bitter about Jimmy being traded and can’t call that a “win” by any means.

The real winner yesterday was the Eagles. Jesus, talk about being in the moment. The Birds are 7-1 and flying high (bad joke). This move clearly shows they want to win now and this was the move to make. So many people say that Blount and Ajayi are similar but that’s just because you’ve seen them both bowl defenders over before and most think that qualifies as them being the same thing. Ajayi is a beast of a pass blocker, and that helps keep Wentz from getting his face caved in every play. With the season-ending injury to Jason Peters, the Eagles need to keep a running back in the backfield to help out with the incoming pass rush.

Also, Ajayi provides a threat catching the ball out of the backfield and Blount doesn’t really have that in his game. Blount can still do it, don’t get me wrong… Ajayi just does it better.

The Eagles won outright yesterday… but really I think the Bills are a close second that nobody seems to be talking about. It’s a big IF but IF IF IF IF IF Kelvin Benjamin can get his health back and his knee right, this is a huge get for the 5-2 Buffalo Bills. The Bills defense leads the league in turnover differential and the offense just added another dynamic weapon for Tyrod Taylor to throw to. Benjamin can stretch the field just a little bit more, giving LeSean McCoy even more room to boogie. I think this was a great move for the Bills and worth the risk.

Alright, you told us who won… but who lost??


It was a world-class trade deadline, and I hope it’s a standard that is set for years to come.


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