Bill Burr Is Speaking Every Patriots Fan Truth
Bill Burr

Good old Bill Burr’s agent needs to receive a swift kick in the nuts for having him take a booking to go on Conan the day after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl.

Canton’s own Bill Burr understands how we’re all feeling when it comes to the Patriots breaking our hearts just two short days ago. The difference between Bill Burr and the rest of us is that Bill is hilarious and most of us are not.

Never has there ever been a more “Stars! They’re just like us!” moment than this interview right here.

Real Bill

This isn’t even CLOSE to Bill’s funniest bit on Conan. Hell, it’s not even his funniest bit about the Patriots on Conan. This is definitely the most authentic interview he’s given though.

Bill doesn’t even really form any actual ideas or takes on the game. He’s doing exactly what we are all doing days later. We’re just mumbling obscenities to ourselves and then screaming “WHERE WAS THE DEFENSE?!” out loud in the Dunkin line like a bunch of psychopaths.

He also just goes over the base package of how everyone is feeling. He says that he has to act normal while smiling and waving to the crowd as he promotes some project of his and that is all of us this week.

Do we want to curl up into a ball and close the shades for three days like Bill says? You’re damn right we do.

But We Can’t…

We all have to go be normal people and do normal things and let this loss linger.

That is the worst part.

I’m Fine…

Most relatable part of this interview BY FAR.

He told his wife “I’m fine” after the game… We all tried telling ourselves after the game since we’ve won 5 Super Bowls… Then he proceeds to get in a fight with his wife about Janet Jackson.

A loss like this leads to irrational arguments. It’s just the way it goes.

It’s nice to know that we aren’t going at this alone, Patriots Nation. Bill gets us.


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