Robert Kraft Allegedly Sticking It To The Colts Is Amazing
Robert Kraft

Yes, Josh McDaniels is staying in New England. This story is going to be talked about for the entire off-season and it’s still nuts trying to process it if I’m being honest.

Then, a gift falls from the heavens in the form of an Adam Schefter tweet.

Oh yes. That’s the ticket. I LOVE IT!

I need this to be true more than I need to start my new job so I can pay rent next month. People always talk about how they stand behind Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for life, and that they will follow them into war for what they’ve done for this town. I’m the same way.

Rober Kraft, though? I will literally take a bullet for that man. Things like this fire me up.

The Master Plan

I know it’s all a reach, but I sincerely wonder if there was some sort of master plan cooking the entire time Josh McDaniels was interviewing for the Colts’ head coaching position. I know it’s not true, but I can just imagine Kraft sitting in his big boss chair outlining how they were going to rip the heart out of Jim Irsay at the last possible second.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, that’s the saying, right? RIGHT. This is Russell Westbrook level of petty, and I enjoy that just as much as I enjoy this potential move by Kraft.

Should Patriots fans just get over Deflategate?


Robert Kraft understands talent and he values the pieces that make the team go. Josh McDaniels is one of those pieces. Regardless of how frustrated I get when he calls a Jet Sweep on 3rd and 2 inside the red zone (I’ve said it before) he still is one of the best in the business.

Keep Josh McDaniels in his Patriots visor is a win, and Kraft sticking to the Colts is just a cherry on top.



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