Dont’a Hightower is done for the year, and this blows…

Most people wake up and in the first five minutes of waking up, you are usually safe from finding out something that completely trashes your day and sends you into panic mode. If you’re like me… You wake up, check your phone, calculate how many more minutes you can stay in bed before you HAVE to get up and still get to where you need to be on time, and then go from there.

Like I said, MOST people. Today I am not most people. I wake up to this BOMB from Ian Rapoport. Before this, nobody thought Hightower’s injury was this bad. If they did I certainly didn’t see any buzz like this around it. I figured he would be out Sunday for sure but that’s just typical Dont’a maintenance at this point considering his injury history.


Done for the year, and there’s no shying around it, this absolutely sucks. This is a gigantic blow to a Patriots defense that was finally starting to trend up. Hightower is the undisputed heart of the defense. He’s the play communicator and essentially the field general. Losing Hightower is honestly more than just losing the average impact player.

Again, nothing has been deemed official from the Patriots but RapSheet doesn’t get many (if any) of these wrong. Now, it’s time to prepare for a defense without Hightower, and that scares the shit out of me.

Expect more snaps for former Jets LB David Harris. Whatever he has left in the tank Bill is going to try and use it. Facing Melvin Gordon and the Chargers on Sunday it could be beneficial to have a run-defender like Harris sticking his nose in there.

It’s pouring rain and this added to the start of the day… Celtics and Bruins better save the day tonight.


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