Greg Schiano Set To Become Patriots Defensive Coordinator
Greg Schiano

Reports keep swirling and it’s becoming a Greg Schiano storm here in New England.

Here at the Bench Mob, we’ve been hearing through our own little grapevine (that we’re trying to turn into a whole damn vineyard) that Greg Schiano coming to New England is pretty much a done deal and he’ll be taking over the defense.

Knowing Greg

If you aren’t familiar with Greg Schiano’s recent work. He’s been the defensive coordinator for the Ohio State Buckeyes since 2016. In that time? Ohio State has had a top 10 defense and his players LOVE playing for him.

You might have heard about Schiano when he got blackballed out of the Tennessee Volunteers coaching job. Do you want the real story? Volunteer fans didn’t want Schiano as their coach, they wanted someone else. What did they do?

They referenced the Penn State scandal. This uninformed mob screamed that he was involved in the scandal and did nothing about it and that it was backed up in court… Nope, not it was not. There was an unsubstantiated accusation against Schiano that couldn’t be confirmed or denied by anyone. Schiano even received backup when he ultimately wasn’t offered the job HERE

It was a smear job and that’s how it went… Moving on to how he’s making his way to New England.

Schiano is buddies with Belichick which paved the way for this potential move. Belichick and Schiano worked well together with scouting when Schiano was at Rutgers.

In the past, Schiano was the coach for the Tampa Bay Bucs which didn’t really work out and there were culture problems swirling that locker room. According to multiple insiders, it was really the reaction of soft players in Tampa. All the stories that come out of Ohio State commend Schiano for his relationships with his players.

I think Schiano is going to crush it under Belichick.

What He Inherits

Schiano will take over the worst Patriots defense to ever make the Super Bowl. They’ll be coming off the worst defensive performance of all time and that has to be a fun way to start your new gig.

The good part? I think Belichick and Schiano attack this defense with a vengeance. The offense is fine and is going to be fine with Brady at the helm, and a healthy Julian Edelman back in the mix.

Bill and Greg will spend all off-season coming up with the best way for this defense to succeed and I really think the chip on the shoulder will matter to these guys going forward.

All I Want…

Honestly at the end of the day… I just want an elite defense again. Yes, I know that having an offense that can go bonkers every single drive is so much fun to watch.

You know what’s so painful to watch though?

A defense that you know no matter what isn’t going to get the one stop they need to get off the field and give the ball back to the offense. That’s how I felt the entire Super Bowl. Every single time the Patriots’ defense gears up for the big stop, I know what’s going to happen. It’s going to end with a 25-yard gain on a slant route or RPO.

I want a defense that is going to punch a team right in the mouth and give your quarterback nightmares. I hope Greg Schiano brings that mentality as well.



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