Hot Take Alert: Rob Gronkowski Should Be Named MVP of Super Bowl 52 Before The Game Even Starts

As we crawl to Sunday, (It’s only freakin Tuesday in case you didn’t know! Seth and I aren’t going to make it to Sunday at this rate.) I’ve tried to do some research on player matchups and the conclusion I’ve come to is a captain obvious take that Gronk is by far the most important piece for us winning this game.

When Gronk was knocked out of the Jacksonville game it was obvious to see how massive he is to the offense. Without Danny “Playoff” Amendola we would be listening to the “Brady’s Done”, “Belichick, Brady and Kraft hate each other”, and “We Should Have Kept Garappolo” stories. You know, the ones that ESPN and Boston Media love to jam down our throats with their super negative outlook on anything that gives you joy.  They’re GREAT!

The matchup nightmare that comes from my Polish friend can’t be tamed. Bill Belichick even has the quote “Even when Rob’s covered, he’s open”.  That doesn’t even make any sense! Yet I understand.

In further research, I’ve found out that I haven’t heard of any of the Eagles defensive players outside of Chris Long, Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox, and those aren’t even household names.


Now don’t get it twisted. Just because I have no idea who these guys are does not mean they haven’t performed. Here at the Mob, we take pride in overachieving underdogs. The Eagles defense hasn’t allowed more than 10 points in their past 4 games. In the two playoff games, they’ve allowed 17 points and one touchdown was because of a muffed punt.

With that being said,

Jalen Mills?

Ronald Darby?

Rodney Mcleod?

Malcolm Jenkins?

I apologize, but which one of those names is stopping 6ft 6 265lb Gronk?


I’m not even sure you can double team him effectively. If you do, that just leaves the field open for Brady to pick you apart in single coverage with Cooks, Amendola etc.

The only area that worries me is the pass rush. Long, Graham, and Cox are no joke so I do see Gronk helping in pass coverage more than usual. My take is what it is because even if Gronk doesn’t have his 6 catches for 120 yards and 2 TD’s he is still single-handedly going to be the most important player on the field for the Patriots. There are numerous instances where he is the reason we score or move the chains when it’s not him catching the ball directly.


All I’m saying is Sunday night when Gronk is doing more of the non-flashy, non-stat sheet stuff like the video above just know he’s why the offense scores 80% of the time. He’s the SuperBowl MVP whether he wins it or not.

In all honesty, the fact that he hasn’t had to deal with the circus that is Super Bowl Media day is huge. He’s been able to stay away from the distractions and focus on playing football. He’s a locked up animal that’s going to be coming out on all cylinders. I would be happier than the Geico camel on Hump Day if he ended up getting the MVP award he already deserves. Unfortunately,  he’d have to be 6 catches 125 yards 2 TD’s Gronk to win it,   I just think he will be more valuable being the decoy, run block, pass protection Gronk in this game.

Gronk’s live reaction to me thinking he can’t be BOTH:

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