I am still wondering how Chris Hogan is alive.

Chris Hogan is alive, and Chris Hogan was never in any danger of being dead… but Chris Hogan has had some of the shittiest luck this season when it comes to being on the wrong end of some vicious hits.

Yesterday was just another installment of “How much damage can this guy take?” – Hogan catches a ball across the middle of the field and gets drilled.

It doesn’t seem like much at first glance, but Hogan took that one right on the arm/shoulder and went down like Frazier. The thing is, Chris Hogan is a freak and he ultimately gets up and walks off under his own power. Yours truly…?

I’d still be there. The game wouldn’t have ended. It’d still be going on because that looks like it sucked. I think another reason why that particular hit feels a little worse on New England’s favorite LAX Bro is that he’s been taking shots like that all season long.

Hogan’s been getting drilled in the ribs going across the middle since game one, and that’s why I don’t know how he is still alive. He got his teeth knocked out in practice. Yet somehow, some way he gets up and just gets ready to do it all over again. Football players are modern day gladiators and I don’t know how they do it. Maybe it’s the millions of dollars and overall love of the game, I guess that helps.

Hogan left Gillette yesterday with his arm in a sling and declined to speak to any media members. He is scheduled for an MRI this morning, and according to Mike Reiss, it doesn’t seem to be as bad as initially thought. The initial reports were a possible AC joint sprain which could take 2-4 weeks to come back from. I’m hoping it’s not that.

Chris Hogan is the man. He has been a stud all season long and has stepped up big time ever since Edelman went down. If anyone needs this BYE week, it’s him.


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