If You Think Gronk Is Missing The Super Bowl… You’re Nuts.

I keep reading the same thing over and over and over again.

“Gronk practices, BUT HE IS STILL IN PROTOCOL!”

I read that line numerous times from so many people, and I get it… It technically is true. Then, I see a lot of people actually worried that he’s going to miss the Super Bowl. I see it on First Take, I see it in local outlets…

To that I say… If you sincerely think he’s not going to play then you are a sheep.

Everybody needed something to talk about this week… It’s the dead week before the week of the Super Bowl. We haven’t really had that issue the past couple of years now have we?

Last year: Brady’s revenge and sticking it to Roger
2015: Peyton Manning’s corpse riding off into the sunset.
2014: Something about deflated footballs.

This year? There are some decent storylines. Brady further cementing GOAT status if he wins. Nick Foles accidentally ending up as the starting QB in the big game. Brady’s injury, Gronk’s injury.

Still, there isn’t that HOLY SHIT storyline… Unless you want to count the storyline that the city of Philadelphia is going to be burnt to the ground regardless of the result of the game.

That’s why the Gronk injury is being magnified… People actually think he won’t be able to go and I think that’s nuts. With two weeks of rest and the fact that he practiced this week just points to him playing.

So, if you were at all worried… Don’t be. He is going to play, and I hope he dances all over Jalen Mills.


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