Jimmy Garoppolo is a San Francisco 49er.

Last night, I was like you… I was sitting in my comfy chair switching back and forth between the Bruins and the Celtics. It’s a tough task trying to time the switches back and forth. THEN FROM THE TOP ROPE… FROM THE CLOUDS IF YOU WILL…


I was floored, I literally said out loud to my dad “Holy shit, Bill just shipped Jimmy to San Francisco.” He didn’t believe me until I said that exact same thing for the second time. Then I was asked the million dollar question… “For what?”

The Patriots get back the 49ers second round pick in the upcoming draft. When I first read it, I was pissed. I won’t lie I really thought this was horrible return for a guy that just this past draft wouldn’t be traded for even four first-round picks. That was the reporting all through the draft was that it would take a HAUL to get Jimmy out of a Patriots uniform. The 49ers pick is going to be around 33-34 overall because they suck eggs, so it is a valuable pick. I just expected more.

Then, like all things should go, I calmed down a little bit and read the rest of the related material that was being published. Back during the draft, it was reported that the Browns offered their 12th overall pick and additional assets for Garoppolo and the Patriots said no. That is a big-time return, and even I was surprised the Patriots didn’t pull the trigger on that. Fast forward to tonight…

So apparently the Browns never offered a first-rounder. That softens the blow a tiny bit, but I’m still confused. All things considered, the Patriots got decent return since Jimmy’s deal is up at the end of the year and franchise tagging him would’ve been around 24 million for him to sit the bench. I still just wonder why the Patriots didn’t flip him for possibly more when the iron was a lot hotter on him since he was coming off those strong performances last season (I know it was only 2).

If the Patriots weren’t going to keep him around long-term… Why didn’t they deal him before? That’s all I’m getting at. I’ve heard they wanted to see how Brady played this year and assess but I don’t buy that. It’s a mystery and the only fact here is that the Patriots believe Tom Brady can play another 4-5 years.

I believe it too, but the only way that is going to happen is if the offensive line doesn’t get him killed. I really hope the Patriots take their new asset and use it to address some major needs and really make the most out of Brady’s window…

Farewell Jimmy, sweet prince. You’ll have an Ike’s Sandwich named after you in San Francisco in no time. I really do wish him the best because I am a HUGE fan. I think him with Kyle Shanahan is going to be incredible next season.

PS – Tom Brady reclaims the title as the best looking quarterback on the team! YOU GO TOMMY!


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