Josh McDaniels Has Been Fired… by his agent
Josh McDaniels

Are you tired of Josh McDaniels headlines already?

Well too bad because there’s a lot more coming.

See Ya

I find this so hilarious. Josh McDaniels agent has been on record a bunch of times saying that McDaniels leaving the Colts at the altar is the worst career decision he will ever make in his life.

Josh McDaniels does not care. He got a better deal from Kraft and the Patriots so he’s riding the gravy train just a little bit longer.

Could Josh have practiced better business in this situation? Of course. I will argue that McDaniels never once popped off about going to be the head coach of the Colts. He never once said it to the media and just kept the focus on the Patriots.

Even right after the Super Bowl he never came out and said he was leaving. Those are just facts. I understand the “agree to terms” thing but nothing is ever official until the documents are signed. Maybe Jim Irsay should have held off on the announcement? Who am I, though.

You’re Fired.

I still don’t understand this AT ALL.

I’m I am Josh McDaniels’ agent, of course I’m pissed. Bob Lamonte probably went out and bought a brand new yacht from the commission he was set to get from McDaniels taking this job. Therefore, I don’t blame him for being angry with Josh for pulling the rug out from under these guys.

Still, you’re going to cut ties with him as your client? Talk about being a soft little turd.

Guess what? McDaniels is going to get a better contract in New England when his time comes and you don’t want to be around to collect THAT CHECK because you’re a little mad that he left this job on the table?

LOSER. That is why he is Bob Lamonte and not Ari Gold. You just shake it off and understand that this guy is still going to produce money for you… Just keep him around.

At the end of the day, it is what it is. Bob Lamonte can go cry with the Colts and Josh will be in the facility plotting next year’s playoff run.


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