Malcolm Butler Benched… Why?
Malcolm Butler

Malcolm Butler is the source of the billion-dollar question after Super Bowl 52.

Why in sweet God’s name was Malcolm Butler benched?

During the National Anthem, the cameras showed Butler crying his eyes out, and it certainly wasn’t because of Pink’s rendition.

Nobody really knew why at the moment… then the game started and concluded. Now we know. Butler was glued to the bench in favor of ERIC FREAKING ROWE.

It just doesn’t make sense to me in any way shape or form. We obviously don’t know the entire story. Still, there really isn’t any story you can give me that explains why Malcolm Butler did not play in the football game last night.


Malcolm Butler played 97.3% of the defensive snaps this season… He didn’t play ONE DEFENSIVE SNAP all last night. Butler played one special teams snap and then that was it.

He didn’t even sweat last night.

That is the most ridiculous thing of all time.

Eric Rowe… Who replaced Butler could not have played a worse game of football if he tried to. He was absolute garbage all night long and the Eagles knew it. Seriously, I can just imagine Doug Pederson laughing to himself wondering why the Patriots are giving him a gift by not playing Butler.

Pederson and Foles proceeded to attack Eric Rowe as much as they possibly could and they torched him ALL NIGHT LONG. Eric Rowe could check a coat into a coat closet last night and that’s the truth.

I have absolutely NO PROBLEM saying that if Butler was on the field last night then he would have made an impact on the game. Would he have solved every problem for the Patriots defense? Absolutely not. They were atrocious across the board.

Still, Butler doesn’t give up that touchdown bomb to Alshon Jeffery and Malcolm Butler CERTAINLY DOES NOT miss the tackle that Bademosi missed on Nelson Aghelore on 3rd and 6 late in the game.

It’s On Bill

Now again, we do not know the full story here… Bill Belichick said that he did not play Malcolm Butler because he felt he didn’t give them the best chance to win.

If that is the true reason and if that is the only reason Malcolm Butler did not play… Then it’s Bill’s fault. Unless Malcolm Butler legitimately killed a guy there is no reason he should have been benched last night.

He was healthy and ready to roll. I’m not so much angry about the fact that he didn’t start. I understand that call.

But to not play him at all? That’s absurd. If you see Eric Rowe getting torched play after play then Malcolm Butler deserved at least a couple of snaps on defense to at least see if he could impact the game.

I hope to Christ that we get some sort of story behind all this because that might bug me more than the actual game.


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