Malcolm Butler’s Statement Is A Doozy
Malcolm Butler

The Malcolm Butler story is still swirling.

It’s not surprising, this is the most polarizing headline on the Patriots side. Philadelphia is having a parade today and we are all still talking about how absurd it is that Malcolm Butler didn’t get one defensive snap.

We wrote a piece hearing from some people inside the organization about potential reasons Malcolm Butler was benched. The media storm continued to rage about other reasons such as Butler being caught with weed and allegedly popping off at his coaches.

Malcolm Butler took the time to respond to all of that.


When I first read this statement I wasn’t surprised at all. It is the standard player statement that you expect to see from an elite player who is about to enter his first year of free agency.

Malcolm Butler is looking for a big deal from a team that is willing to pay him the money he feels he deserves. It is a no-brainer that this statement comes out to try and combat all the reports out there.

Malcolm Butler is a genuine guy by all accounts of those that have followed him closely throughout his time in New England. Everyone always talks about his competitive fire and his connection with teammates. We will never truly know FOR SURE what happened.

The Key Factor

The biggest thing I take away from this statement isn’t even the statement itself.

It’s the responses we have all seen to the statement.

Countless players have come out supporting and defending Malcolm Butler in every way imaginable. The most notable… Some guy named Tom Brady.

Tom Brady voicing his support in addition to many other Patriots players really does help Malcolm Butler’s case for validity that he was never caught up in any of the things reported.

When I think about it… If I knew a teammate was screwing up throughout the week in the way Malcolm Butler’s alleged screw-ups were reported, there’s no way I would attach myself to a statement of them defending themselves.

For players like Tom Brady to put their name on a statement like that fully shows that they believe this was a hit job by Bill Belichick. It even forces us to think that maybe all of these Butler reports coming out were from Belichick’s underground camp.

We’ll never know.

What We Do Know…

Malcolm Butler is leaving. There is absolutely ZERO chance of him coming back to New England next season.

(Thanks, Captain Obvious)

It’s the most bizarre ending to a player’s tenure as a New England Patriot. I really can’t think of a weirder ending for a player in a Pats uniform than Malcolm Butler’s.

He was born professionally as a Super Bowl hero. Then his tenure comes to an end on the sidelines with his helmet on watching his team lose a Super Bowl. A Super Bowl that he knows he could have impacted.


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