Patriots Fan Guide To Super Bowl Monday

Patriots nation awoke today losers of the Super Bowl.

Plain and simple, today sucks. The next couple of days are going to suck. Hell, depending on your level of fan hood this next year could suck.

Losing the Super Bowl is one of the worst sports feelings in the entire world. You hype yourself up for two straight weeks of coverage. At the end of those two weeks, the coverage becomes insufferable and you have a pit in your stomach just waiting for the game to finally get here.

You put so much energy into the game and then you get a punch right in the stomach. It’s the worst.

Still, life goes on. I’ve put together a little mini-guide of things you’re allowed to do and should do today to help alleviate the pain of losing.

Calories Don’t Count

Go on out there and eat the world, Patriots fans.

You want to go have a burrito AND a burrito bowl from chipotle in the same sitting with guac on everything? Go for it. Perhaps you’re contemplating which of the two Ben & Jerry’s pints you should pick up at some weird hour. You can have both. Would you like to have nachos at 11:00 AM? You go on and do your dance.

Emotional eating is a staple of our culture, and today is no different. If you want to take today to shove your face, I ain’t mad at ya.

Stay Away From ESPN

Honestly, stay away from all of it for now… ESPN, NESN, NBC Sports Boston, your local news.

You know what everyone is going to be talking about for the next couple of days. We all understand the plays that are going to be replayed over and over again. It’s just all of this added coverage that will make you nauseous.

You’re going to hear the question “Why was Malcolm Butler benched?” at least 5 million times. It’s just not worth it.

I’d give it about a month before we can watch Sportscenter again.

Start Brushing Up

The Boston Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox. Start trying to catch the fever, folks.

Football season is over and it’s not coming back for a while… that is just the way it is.

You owe it to yourself to really start getting into some of the best sports stories in Boston this year. There is absolutely zero doubt that this was the most drama-filled Patriots season ever. There is some tension within that organization and it’s not worth trying to figure out what’s going to happen from here.

Instead, we shift focus to the exciting stuff.

The Celtics are the number one seed in the East right now. The Bruins are the second best team in their conference. Both teams are finding ways to win night after night regardless of injuries and youth. There are a lot of reasons to be positive with these two teams especially come playoff time in the Spring.

Start today.

I could go on…

There are probably a lot more things I could list, but today is about keeping it simple. The calories rule only counts for today, so enjoy it. Today is all about getting through it alive and in one piece.

We’re all going to be just fine but that still doesn’t mean that this doesn’t suck. Do yourself a favor and find whatever works best for you to get through the day.



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