The Patriots Fell Short.
Tom Brady

Super Bowl 52 was an all-time classic… It just didn’t end the way I thought it would.

I feel like absolute garbage. That’s just a loss that’s so hard to stomach. It was set up just like we thought it would be.

Brady with time left and 1 timeout to drive down the field and win the game with a walk-off touchdown… Then everything went off the rails. I’m not going to sit here and pout about the loss… We’re gonna get right into the things I found most interesting.

I’ll cap it off with a message to Eagles fans and Patriots fans.

Mistake City, Population: Patriots

The Patriots did not deserve to win last night. They were not the better team on the field last night and there is no argument.

Special teams were a disaster all night long. The botched snap on the early field goal attempt set a tone that just makes you sick to your stomach. Bundle that with missed a missed extra point and just sloppy special teams play in general… No dice.

Then there were just the coaching mistakes… I thought the Patriots were outcoached which I thought was IMPOSSIBLE. The Patriots had 3rd and 2 inside the red zone and they run a jet sweep. Unbelievable.

Then the trick play right through Brady’s hands, followed by going for it on 4th and 5… It just seemed like the Patriots weren’t playing THEIR game all night long.

Uncharacteristic mistakes. That is really the best way to put it for the Patriots with this Super Bowl.

I’m also lumping the Brandin Cooks injury in the mistakes category… This sucked and it was a huge blow to the team, but if you’re a receiver dancing around for too long you’re going to get popped and that’s exactly what happened.

No Defense

This was the worst Patriots defense that has ever played in a Super Bowl. That is a fact based on the stats.

I didn’t expect them to be this horrible. This was by far the most embarrassing defensive performance I have ever witnessed from a New England Patriots football team. I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes.

Every single time they had a chance to get off the field it was an automatic first down for the Eagles… and I give them all the credit.

Nick Foles and Doug Pederson were the exact opposite of scared. Every single play they ran worked and it was quite a site that made me want to throw up all over myself. Foles was DYNAMITE and the interception he threw wasn’t even his fault. Pederson called a perfect game and they deserve the credit.

If the Patriots EVER want to return to the Super Bowl, they better work on the defense… You know why? See below.

Tom Brady & The Boys

As absolutely atrocious the defense was all night long… The offense was the exact opposite of that.

They were incredible for 95% of the game. It was just that last 5% that will haunt me forever.

If you were to tell me that Tom Brady threw for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns I would have told you the Patriots won by 30 points EASILY and I wouldn’t even hesitate. He was incredible and he played the game of his life.

The offensive line kept him upright all night long until the drive that mattered the most. That strip-sack was one hell of a play, and you have to give all of the credit to Philly… It’s just insane that the line protected Tom all night and then failed him when it mattered the most.

Putting up 33 points in a Super Bowl should win you the game, so I don’t have any issues at all with the offense (minus the play calling).

Too Little Too Late

The Patriots just couldn’t do it again… It was set up for the usual Patriots ending and it just slipped away. This game was lost long before then and it’s incredible the Patriots were in a position to win with how horrible the defense was.

The Eagles were just the better team and there is absolutely nothing you can take away from them. Most teams play the Patriots scared and tight. They play 3 quarters of great football and then in the fourth quarter they crumble.

Philadelphia didn’t even flinch. Fitting for the mentality and passion that comes from that city.

Dear Eagles Fans

Congratulations. I mean it.

I wrote about how I had really wanted this Super Bowl because it was against Philly and somehow I thought the Patriots winning would get that feeling of “sticking it to them”

It’s childish and I know better now. I can write with emotion all I want but the actual truth is that some of the people that are closest to me and mean the most in my life are Eagles fans. Salt of the earth people, real people, hard-working passionate fans of their city.

People trash Philly fans all the time, but when I’ve known so many of those fans that have meant so much to me and my life (arguably the most important outside my family) throughout the years…

I can’t help but be happy for them. The passion is real, and there are no bandwagon fans inside the city of Philly. All of the people close to me that root for that city are some of the best people I’ll ever know.

Just keep the city intact, I hope to be able to get back there once I can stomach watching this game on replay. You deserve to party 100 times harder than you did when the Phillies won… because there’s nothing like a Super Bowl.

Dear Patriots Fans

Hang in there, we’re gonna be alright. The coming weeks/month/year are going to be tough, but we’re gonna be fine.

Remember last year? We got that one and everyone was already sick of us… If we had somehow clutched this one out, people would have commissioned North Korea to aim for us.

We’re the most spoiled fans in sports. I know we appreciate it more than anybody outside of our bubble notices, but we are.

If you think this Patriots team is finished you’re psychotic and emotional right now… This team is going to be just fine and this is not their last Super Bowl.

People have had to deal with us winning non-stop, the least we can do is tip our hats and lose with dignity.

We’re on to next season.



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  1. I could not agree more! Nice way to sum up the game and the future of the Pats. As much as I do not like the Eagles because they are NFC east rivals of my Giants, the eagle fans certainly deserved this win….as did the team.

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