Patriots kick the Raiders in the teeth.


Was anybody actually worried about that game yesterday? Seriously… anybody?

I moved into my new place over the weekend. It went pretty smooth all the way through which I’m very grateful for but you know how it is when you move. When you have to move all of your shit it’s stressful… You’re high-strung and overthinking everything.

You know what I didn’t think about the entire time I was moving? The Patriots playing the Raiders. I didn’t need to, that’s how confident I was. Sean was too if you read his bets. Great minds think alike. There really wasn’t one part of me that felt like that game was going to be competitive.

I was right, and if you thought the same, you were right as well. YAY FOR BEING RIGHT!

Thomas Brady

Tommy looked UHHHHHH MAZING yesterday. The second he touched the football on his first drive he was already on fire. The Patriots scored on their first drive and this was Brady’s line.

61 yards
1 touchdown

DECENT. Brady was throwing hot dots all over the field. Every throw he wanted to make he ended up making. He overthrew Cooks on a deep ball early in the game… Then obviously made up for it with a 64-yard touchdown strike to Cooks later on.

Filthy. It helps when the Raiders defense looks like a toddler trying to play Madden 18 but instead just puts the controller in their mouth. Brady made all the right throws and had a pretty clean pocket all day. When he didn’t? He still found ways to slide left or right and deliver a perfect dart to any receiver that felt like catching a ball.

Brady’s Stat Line
339 yards
3 touchdowns


Speaking of receivers though…

Brandin Cooks BOYYYYYYY

6 catches
149 yards
1 touchdown

Impressive outing by Cooks yesterday. Every route he ran it looked like he had 5 feet of space whenever he made his cut. The Oakland secondary couldn’t cover themselves with a down comforter yesterday and it was awesome to watch Cooks and every other receiver just run wild.

Stevie G & His Golden Foot

A 62-yard BOMBS AWAY kick from Gostkowski gets him a big-time shout-out here at the Bench Mob.

I had no idea that Mexico City was 7,300 feet above sea-level… You could’ve asked me that question in a true-false format and I’m saying false every single time.

According to nerds, that high of an elevation apparently means that kicking a football is so much more fun. So, in turn, Stevie G had the most fun day yesterday.

Opportunistic Defense

Defense gets the game ball honestly. Oakland has a butt-ton of talent when it comes to their skill positions. I am also a HUGE Derrick Carr guy. I think he’s a stud and he plays his ass off. The defense rose to the challenge.

The Patriots aren’t the type of defense that you are going to look at them and say they’re dominant. They aren’t flashy, and most of the time it’s NEVER pretty.

Still, compared to the way this defense started the season, it’s looking a lot prettier now. Bend but don’t break has never looked so good. Duron Harmon had a drop in the bucket pick off a tipped pass.

Turnover of the day, though…

Flowers punching that out almost caused Bill to take his pants off in excitement.

During the Patriots win streak, the defense has been giving up around 12 points per game. That is insanely good. For everyone who was worried if the Patriots were going to be able to “figure it out” on defense… Boom, roasted.

On To The Next One

The Patriots put their foot on the gas early and never let up. It was nice to see them dominate for a full 60 minutes. The Pats committed 2 penalties for 20 yards throughout the entire game, YES PLEASE.

Atop the AFC, it’s between the Patriots and the Steelers for that number one seed in the playoffs. Home field means EVERYTHING in the NFL playoffs. The Patriots take on the Steelers in a few weeks and that game is going to most likely solidify home-field for either team.

For now, we won’t get ahead of ourselves. The Patriots take on the Dolphins next week at home. Another game that I’m just not worried about one bit.


PS – I love the Mexico City games, those fans were WILD all game long.


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