Potential Malcolm Butler Information Is Swirling.
Malcolm Butler

I wrote earlier about how baffling the decision was for Bill Belichick to bench Malcolm Butler in last night’s game. It was a decision that I felt was ridiculous and absurd. I couldn’t believe that a player who had played 97% of the defensive snaps all season long was benched in the biggest game of the year for “football reasons”

Come to find out we’re getting into the “SOURCES” game.

According to our sources…

This was not about “football reasons” … There’s a lot more to the Malcolm Butler benching like we all expected.

Malcolm Butler didn’t fly to Minnesota with the team because he was in the hospital with an illness but was still okay to travel that day. That checks out. It turns out that when the team booked his flight he straight up missed it… He then had to travel the following day.

The week didn’t get much better for Butler who allegedly showed up late to two separate team meetings and allegedly was intoxicated during one of them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME DUDE?! Trying to stay calm here…

Then he apparently practiced like garbage the entire week. Butler was dogging it during the practice reps and using his illness as a crutch. Again, you play for the New England Patriots… This is like Patriots 101 of stuff you aren’t supposed to do.

The cherry on top? Malcolm Butler paid a visit to Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl performance/party according to sources. Lopez’s Super Bowl party, where she also brought out DJ Khaled to perform, was Saturday night… As in the night before the damn game. Butler showed up to the game Sunday apparently hungover and not in peak condition.

First of many…

We understand the game here. Here at the Bench Mob we know that there are going to be multiple reports from 500 different places trying to decipher really what happened throughout the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

These stories that came to us… They help paint a much better picture in terms of justifying the benching. The fan in me still argues that he should have still received some snaps on defense, but it’s understandable given the information at hand.

We expect more dominoes to drop, it’s just a matter of time…



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