Should The Patriots Sign Martellus Bennett?

Martellus Bennett was cut by the Green Bay Packers yesterday due to a failure to disclose a medical condition designation. (Huh?) I’m not even going to pretend I know what the heck that means, BUT if I’m Belichick I’m giving Martellus a call and sales pitch to not retire just yet. Here’s my reasoning.

Did you guys know that Dwayne Allen is a New England Patriot? I’m not sure how you would because he hasn’t even sniffed the box score. He has an astounding 0 catches for 0 yards with 0 TD’s.  It’s obvious that he can’t fully grasp the playbook and has not earned Bill’s and more importantly Tom’s trust. The Patriots offense needs another weapon. I was at the game against the Chargers and they left a number of points on the field because they were too easy to read. The problem is that they need one more threat to give defenses so we can get our stars going up against single man coverages. As of right now they have Cooks on the outside. Hogan (when healthy) in the slot. Gronk running his seam routes, and (Insert one of the 5 RB’s we have here) catching check downs. Dwayne Allen was supposed to be that extra Tight End that defenses had to look out for and he hasn’t delivered.

Martellus was a huge part of the offense last year because he made it so opposing defenses had to decide whether they were going to double cover him or Gronk. When you have the GOAT as your quarterback, either Bennett or Gronk one on one against a linebacker is like taking candy from a baby. These two created matchup nightmares and truly opened up the rest of the offense. I found a perfect example here:

The amount of attention that is given to Gronk enabled Bennett to be one on one with a linebacker constantly.  With these mismatches, Bennett ended the season with 55 Catches for 701 yards and 7 TDs.

Those are the matchups Brady is looking for this season but doesn’t have the luxury of his get out of jail free card (Julian Edelman) and Dwayne Allen hasn’t been the Bennett fill in the Patriots thought he would be.

So come on Martellus, come back and help spark this offense before you ride off into the sunset. Come help us win another Super Bowl before you hang up the cleats. We will get you back to the TB12 method feeling refreshed and wondering why in the world did you even think about retiring. You’re not even close to the TB12 expected retirement age of 50!

The funniest part is Martellus is OUT THERE. I love it. We need to get back to “Space Booty” and “Dinosaurs”


Then after we have a good laugh get back to this:


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