What Song Should The Patriots Run Out To?
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I’m not sure if you heard the news that leaked, but the Philadelphia Eagles are being introduced with Meek Mill’s “Dreams And Nightmares” for the Super Bowl. This got me thinking about what song the Patriots should be introduced with.

If you’re not familiar with Meek Mill’s jam…


Say what you will about Meek Mill, but this song gets you GOING. The Eagles made a perfect choice here. Imagine just seeing a team run out as this song drops, it definitely makes you want to shit your pants for a couple of seconds.

I’m assuming the Eagles will be introduced first because they’re the away team. So this song sets the tone.

It’s How You Respond

This just got me thinking about how the Patriots can respond in the best way possible… We have multiple routes we can run with this thing.

The Patriots aren’t known for really hyped pre-game music. Kraft is boys with Bon Jovi and Steven Tyler so that has turned into a thing that nobody really asked for. In fact, people have complained for years about how atrocious the Gillette Stadium soundtrack is for games… but we can dream.

OPTION 1: Back to Back (Drake)

This is Drake’s response to Meek Mill talking shit. Does this really get me going? Nope. Will it send the right message? Sure will.

OPTION 2: All of the Lights Interlude INTO All of the Lights (Kanye West)


This is such a timeless classic for me, but it only works with the interlude. The Patriots stay in the tunnel during the interlude and then as soon as the real track hits you see Tom Brady SPRINTING from the tunnel looking like a goddamn superhero.

If you don’t get fired up whenever you hear this song, you need to go see a doctor for a pulse check right away.

OPTION 3: Otis (Jay Z & Kanye West)

I know this isn’t a traditional pump up song but boy oh boy would this be a doozy.

Same thing with All of the Lights where the Patriots stay in during the opening part of the song, but once it finally drops they just walk out with helmets off and fresh aviators on looking FLY AS F***

They saunter down the sidelines, staring at the Eagles and then proceed to chuckle. I need that. This would never EVER happen but I can dream.

PS – I miss when Kanye and Jay-Z were boys…

OPTION 4: The Devil Is A Lie (Rick Ross & Jay Z)

Do you want to incite fear? Easy. Play this.

Imagine this playing and Bill Belichick just comes running out saying “The Devil is a lie, bitch I’m the truth.”

The Eagles would actually pack up all their stuff and leave before kickoff.


It’s going to be some sort of rock song and it’ll suck. It’s going to be fine… I just want the game to start.


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