My Super Bowl 52 Pick & Why This Is The One
Super Bowl 52

Super Bowl 52 where the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

When the playoffs started…

I wasn’t as worried about the Patriots making it TO the Super Bowl compared to previous years which is very off considering this Patriots team is a walking heart attack.

Did I have a healthy amount of nerves? Of course.
Still, it wasn’t like most years.

I was more worried about the team they’re playing against. Zeroing in on the Eagles from the very beginning of the playoffs hoping that the loss of Carson Wentz would catch up to them and they’d make an early exit.

Deep down I knew that wasn’t going to happen… The “underdog” point spreads were a shame. As the Eagles marched to Super Bowl 52 I was hoping they would trip up.

They didn’t. The defense didn’t. Nick Foles didn’t. They got there by being the best team in the NFC.

So what?

This defense is legit. The Eagles are legit. They deserve the credit and I’m giving it to them.

You see what happens to Tom Brady if he gets knocked around… The happy feet come out and his passes become less and less accurate. This Eagles defense has the ability to get the Brady, and they have the linebacker speed to play solid coverage.

You’re not picking the Eagles, are you?!

I am not. Despite how legit I think this Eagles team is, I would like you to see the following line.

Tom Brady & Bill Belichick VS Nick Foles & Doug Pederson

As long as Brady is under center and Bill is on the sidelines, I will always believe in the Patriots finding a way to win the big game. I truly think that the experience in these games matters and the Patriots have all of it. Doug Pederson is a fine coach and Nick Foles has been a great fill in, but I just want to point out a few things.


Do you want to know how the NFC Championship got so out of hand? The Vikings offense literally gave the ball back to the Eagles 4 million times.

Every time the Vikings were putting something together on offense they took a quick moment to throw up all over themselves and hand the football to the Eagles as if they were asking them to “Hold my hair”

This changed the entire game and elevated the birds into Super Bowl 52.

I trust Tom Brady’s ability to prepare and take care of the ball, I trust the running backs to have a tighter grip on the pigskin when running between the tackles, and I trust this team to take care of the football.


“Oh yeah? Penalties?! The NFL is rigged for the Patriots! You’ll get every call!”

Shut up for a quick second.

The Patriots are one of the least penalized teams in all of football. The Eagles are the 7th most-penalized team in the NFL.

In a game where everything is amplified and it’s a totally different monster compared to a regular season or even a playoff game, that matters for something.

Again… Tom/Bill vs Nick/Doug

Tom Brady’s 8th Super Bowl. Bill’s 8th Super Bowl (as a head coach). You cannot sit there and tell me that doesn’t matter.

If the Patriots come out flat in the first quarter (they will because they always do) Bill will make the necessary adjustments and figure it out.

These two have been there time and time again. They know what it takes to win, and more importantly, they know which mistakes to avoid.

Why is this “The One”?

All throughout my life whenever I leave the great state of Massachusetts (usually it was every summer growing up) I was always told how much of a spoiled Patriots fan I was that never appreciates anything. I have always been told that the only way the Patriots can win is by cheating and blah blah blah.

Well, Super Bowl 49 and 51 vividly show that the cheating balloon has no air left for these people to suck out of… So there’s that.

All of this has come from these fan bases…

The New York Giants
The New York Jets
The Philadelphia Eagles

I understand that this window isn’t forever. As much as I am all-in on the TB12 method, I know that eventually Brady will hang ’em up one day and Bill will retire as well. I cherish every single Super Bowl run because as much as everyone keeps saying “The Patriots will be back over and over and over again.” I know that it’s a lot more fragile than that.

I’ve taken a lot of flack from Eagles fans over the years and I always hoped for a matchup with them in the Super Bowl. I hoped the Eagles would be eliminated before this but it turns out I’m getting what I wish for.

I could go on and on about why I want this one that badly, but I think Tom Brady’s quote about favorite Super Bowl rings sums it up perfectly.

“The next one.”

The Pick

This is going to be close. This is going to be one of those all-time stressful Super Bowls and my heart probably isn’t going to last. I think the Eagles come out ON FIRE in the first-quarter and the Patriots are going to need to dig their way out.

There’s nobody I’d rather have digging out in a Minnesota winter than Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Patriots 31 – Eagles 27

Let’s go.


Just doing the damn thing, one Boston sporting event at a time. Founder of Boston Bench Mob. Mid-range jump shot enthusiast. Believer of the TB12 Method. Mozzarella sticks for life.

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