The Patriots Made a Statement Last Night in Denver

I must admit, I did not see that coming. The Patriots went into the “Mile High City” and put a beatdown on the Broncos 41-16.  Why do I question the New England Patriots? Why do I consistently doubt Belichick and Brady at some point every season? What is the meaning of life? Why am I so devilishly handsome?  These are the questions I ask myself week in and week out and have no answer for.

This was easily the Patriots best win of the year and they did it in all 3 phases. The Offense, Defense (sort of), AND SHOUT OUT TO SPECIAL TEAMS, all came up huge in a true team effort.

We have to start the recap with this play:

I can’t even begin to fathom how differently last night could have gone if the Broncos don’t muff that punt there.  The Broncos got EVERYTHING they wanted to start the game. They won the coin toss, forcing the Patriots to receive the ball first. The Broncos defense forced a three and out on the Patriots first drive. The Broncos D was pumped and ready to go, and then that happened. There’s already not enough air in Denver, but that play deflated the air out of the team, especially the Broncos defense.  Can you blame them?  Yet again, they were put into another terrible situation and NONE of it was their fault.  We all work for a living. There is nothing more frustrating when you do your job and do it well, yet someone else who’s job immediately impacts yours screws up or performs poorly bringing you down in the process.   That has been the story of the Broncos defense this season, and you can tell because they are done with it and want to walk out and flip the bird to the CEO (Or maybe that’s just me).

Of course, Tom Brady was going to capitalize off of the other team’s stupidity. Duh

Oh, what’s that? You want more HUGE Patriot’s special teams plays?   Ok here: I’m a man of the people.


I hope the whole special teams unit received the game ball. They were easily the reason we won this game and is a friendly reminder of how important the always forgotten unit truly is.

Tom Brady won his 86th road game last night becoming the winningest (still can’t believe that’s a word in the English language and yes I looked it up), road quarterback in NFL history. 25-34 passing, 3 touchdowns, 0 Int’s and a pass to 9 different receivers. Does that sound like a man who’s 40 and rapidly approaching a mid-life crisis? NOPE!

The offensive line was phenomenal. They kept Brady clean ALL night except for one play which I have to give a shout out to Boston College alumn Justin Simmons. You can tell your grandkids you sacked Tom Brady someday. That’s pretty frickin cool.

Funny thing is Tom will tell you they missed some opportunities to score even more points. They had two drives get stalled inside the red zone in the first half, but that’s just Tom being Tom.



Defensively, GEEESH.

I’ll start by saying they did enough to win. I’ll be the first person to jump off the “Bend but don’t Break” defensive scheme bandwagon the Patriots have going on, once it starts not working anymore. Emmanuel Sanders torched Malcolm Butler ALL NIGHT LONG. He ended with 6 catches for 137 yards.  Now granted, most of the time the Pats D were able to stop the bleeding and make Denver settle for field goals, but it is a BAD LOOK having the hideous Broncos offense go up and down the field on you all night.  I have a problem with the pass rush.  They had 0 sacks last night.  For the billionth time, if not for the Special Teams tonight, this game could have been extremely different, especially the way the defense performed.  FIX IT BILL!

At least they didn’t have as bad a night as this guy:

This man takes the case for Worst Look of the Night.  Patriots D got lucky.

The Pats play next Sunday at an even higher altitude in Mexico City (7,382ft) against the Oakland Raiders. That’s about 2,000 ft higher than Denver’s altitude for you into math folks. Roger Goodell keeps looking for any way possible to punish the Patriots. “You’re going to take all the air out of the footballs Tom? Well, I’m going to take all the air out of your lungs!” He hasn’t been on record saying that, but you and I know he totally did. I hate him so much. Sorry, mom! (She always tells me to say “I don’t like that person very much” instead of hate) Hate is just so much better.

The Patriots will be staying out west to practice all week at the Air Force Academy. Look out for some awesome videos that I’m sure will come out. Belichick has strong family ties in the Navy so I am sure he will make it so his players take in the moment and the privilege to hang out with some of America’s finest in the Air Force. With that being said if there is anyone reading this who is in active duty or is a vet. Happy Veterans Day, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!  People who risk everything like you give people who write silly Boston sports blogs like me the opportunity to do so, and I’ll always be appreciative of that.



The internet is a cruel beast sometimes. You would think I could find one video of the Patriots going AWWW YEAHH. Perfect ending right?  Instead, I have to show you this being it’s the only video that explains what I’m doing for those who have no clue. Please skip to the 2:00 minute mark and this shows the origin of the AWW YEAHH thanks to legend Teddy Bruschi.








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