Tom Brady & WEEI Are Not On The Best Terms…

Every so often you wonder if you’ve seen it all when it comes to people being stupid. You think about all the stupid things you’ve seen people do in your life and you think to yourself “I think that’s it…”

Then it happens again.

If you haven’t heard by now… Alex Reimer of WEEI called Tom Brady’s 5-year-old daughter a “piss-ant” when talking about the first episode of Tom’s docu-series Tom vs Time.

It’s also worth noting the awesome exclusive gig WEEI has scored where they HAVE TOM BRADY ON THEIR TALK RADIO SHOW EVERY WEEK TO SPEAK ABOUT UPCOMING GAMES.

Now, I’m no doctor… BUT something tells me that if you have the greatest football player of all time agreeing to come on your show every week to field your stupid questions… you probably SHOULDN’T PISS THE GUY OFF.

Again… I’m no doctor.

The only interviewer who can piss Brady off with stupid questions is Jim Gray of Westwood One because Tom gets paid 10 million dollars to do that interview. That’s beside the point.

Tom hung up on WEEI. I guess it’s fair to say they won’t be having many of those interviews in the coming future. It just baffles me.

People are on a couple sides here… Some are saying that Tom is being too sensitive and should just brush it off. Other’s are saying he’s justified in being pissed.

I’m with the latter.

Are 5-year-olds annoying? Yup. They all are. Every single one. I don’t think I’ve ever met a 5-year-old that wasn’t annoying… What do you expect? They’re little kids. That’s an inside thought you have about all your friend’s kids.

Now… I will never have kids because of a variety of reasons that aren’t worth discussing here. Still, if I was to somehow make the mistake of having a child I would be kind of pissed if someone insulted my kid on a radio show.

The only reason I can see this being positive is that it’s just another match lit en route to getting an Angry Tom Brady for Super Bowl Sunday… Angry Tom is fun and throws for 500 yards and 5 TD’s.

Jesus, I need this game to get here now…


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