Tom vs. Time — Episode 1 Review

I wanted to give it a couple days before I reviewed the first episode of Tom Brady’s docu-series on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I watched it the second I saw it on Facebook, but I felt it was necessary to let it breathe for a second and watch it multiple times before I really gave a take on it.

My take? I love this man.

Look, I have no shortage of close friends and just people in my life who absolutely DESPISE Tom Brady. They literally hate him. I grew up going to summer camp with the middle-upper class Jewish populations of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania… and Boca Raton.

ERRRRRYBODY HATES TOM. It used to be so foreign to me being at camp and hearing people trash Tom and the Patriots. I’ve grown numb to it and it is what it is now.

Still, even if you hate Tom Brady… I don’t understand you as a person. Just through this first episode, you can instantly tell that Brady is the hardest working player in the National Football League.

When people say “Football is my life” you understand what they’re getting at… but you know that’s not true.

Tom Brady? Football is his actual life. Once you get past all of the shameless plugs for Alex Guerrero and the TB12 method (Which I don’t mind one bit, I’m a believer) you really understand that Tom just loves football and wants to play as long as he possibly can.

He won’t let his age stand in his way.

12:05 mark in the video… “So, when you’re 39 and some guys go ‘Arghhh’ (when throwing a ball with discomfort) … You know? I can FIRE that mother-fucker.”

I need new pants.

The episode is a good premiere because it doesn’t overdo it yet. The end of the episode is the most relatable thing ever. The Pats just got blown out by the Chiefs and Tom is driving home with Gisele…

Gisele is comforting him and being as supportive as possible… Tom says nothing. It just goes to show that STARS! THEY ARE JUST LIKE US!

There are just sometimes when you are so pissed, that anything anyone says to you has to just be met with silent rage until you sleep it off.

Can’t wait for Episode 2


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