Tom vs Time — Episode 2 Review

I know I let the last one breathe a little bit before I reviewed it… but it’s Sunday and YOU NEED SOMETHING TO READ…! Right? Please say yes.

Episode 2 just dropped at 12PM and immediately I wanted to dive right into it and this one is incredible. I know it’s only episode 2 but if this is the pace they keep going at, and they keep building and building like this… This should win an award.

As fans, we look at Tom Brady like a God… Seriously he is the greatest football player to ever live and he has achieved God-like status just because of what he is able to do on the football field.

He’s perfect to us. We see perfection, we expect perfection. Tom is perfection. The stats back it up, the awards, wins, accolades, video clips all back it up.

That’s why this episode is incredible… because Tom Brady isn’t perfect.

He just so desperately wants to be, so he will stop at nothing until he is. He works so damn hard to be perfect and that’s what this episode illustrated.

The opening of the episode Brady is talking about how he’s slow… He’s never been fast and will never be considered fast. Yet, he still works his ass off with speed and agility exercises to work on his speed. Just because he knows he’ll never have Mike Vick type speed doesn’t mean he ignores it all together.

He also acknowledges that if he will never have that speed, he makes damn well sure that all of the other attributes he has as a quarterback are as perfect as possible.

The episode carries into California where Tom is working on not just his throws but mainly his mechanics. Every single motion, each little mechanic, it all matters to Tom.

There’s a stretch where he’s rotating his hips constantly to achieve a peak amount of torque in his throw. He wants every single throw to be perfect.

We see Tom making tons of mistakes in this workout. That’s foreign to us as fans. We see a couple of mistakes throughout each game with Brady but for the most part, we see precision. We’re so accustomed to thinking that if Tom was throwing the ball on air with no defenders then every single throw must be golden.

It’s not, and that’s shown perfectly here. The amount of hours and work he puts in for the mechanics of throwing the football (that not many other quarterbacks even think about) is the reason why he can do what he does.

Best part of the episode

Trainer: You’ve got that look on your face.

Tom: Yeah I just had a mild fucking orgasm. Major fucking breakthrough today.

Trainer: Age is just a state of mind.

Tom: Yeah, I don’t give a fuck.

Incredible. I laughed out loud during this.

The episode pivots to the Carolina Panthers loss… Which I didn’t expect. I thought they’d go to week two but instead, they go to the second loss of the season.

The drive home ensues where Tom just rips it up.

Tom: “Atrocious. You know, we’re the fucking Patriots. Let’s just roll our helmets out there and we’re gonna win. We’ll score, they’ll quit.”

Angry Tom is the best Tom. He says the same exact shit that we say as fans when we see this team underperform. It’s awesome to see Brady saying the same thing.

The rest of the episode is incredibly geared towards the watching of film. Tom Brady and watching film go together better than anything on this earth. He says that he could watch film for an entire day because it’s that soothing to him.

He looks through every single game for an edge, it doesn’t matter how big or small that edge is… He will never leave a stone unturned.

I think my biggest takeaway from this episode was when Tom talks about the 2007 team losing the Super Bowl and their bid for perfection.

Brady speaks about failing when everyone is watching and that hits you right in the feels. He says that it’s like a talent show… and you were the failure. Those losses to the Giants will never ever not hurt to him.

The doc crew asks why he watches them then… and Brady gives the most Brady answer ever…

“There’s still a lot to learn.”

Can’t wait for Episode 3.


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