Tom vs. Time — Episode 3 Review

I’m hooked. I’m so all in on this series it’s not even funny anymore. We’re right back at it with the review of Episode 3 that dropped at 12:00PM today and this one really opens your eyes as to the kind of guy Tom Brady is and the company he keeps.

Just a production note, I think the best part about this series is that the episodes aren’t that long and they premiere frequently. There isn’t this set schedule of “Every Tuesday at this time” that you normally see with shows.

Nor did they just drop every episode all at once. They’re really nailing it with the time of these episodes being just long enough and coming out frequently.

Onto the episode itself… It opens up in the BEAUTIFUL country.

Big Sky, Montana and the timeframe is after the Super Bowl, around 10 weeks away from the season opener.

There’s really nothing cooler than seeing Tom train with Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. They’re really the three best friends and they all have that “tapped in the head” gene that drives them all to be great.

The training is one thing, you see them trade barbs in the name of being perfect with their execution… but it was even cooler to see them just hang out and do fun stuff like normal people.

Opening scene…

Jules: There’s good news and bad news, which one you want first bro?

Tom: Bad news.

Jules: Bad news is you’re gonna need a new driver.

Tom: You broke my fu***** driver?

Jules: Good news is you won the Super Bowl

That’s the first of many hilarious jabs Edelman and Brady trade through this episode. Julian Edelman is the exact guy you expect him to be. He’s loyal and determined, but will also give you as much shit as he possibly can.

I found it to be the most interesting when Jules just straight up challenges Tom and his methods. A lot of people think Edelman is this Brady monkey where he will do anything and everything without ever questioning what’s being asked of him.

Jules is loyal, but he’s opinionated and that’s awesome. He makes sure to give Tom shit about some things and defends his own practices as well. Meanwhile, Danny Amendola plays the mediator. Love you, Danny.

Also… a quick couple of lines about swearing Tom!

A lot of this series is dedicated to trying to humanize and normalize Tom Brady as a person. I totally get that. It’s awesome to see. I still just find it so awesome when Brady swears up a storm. People will ask if all that language is necessary… Guess what?

It doesn’t matter if it’s necessary or not because that’s not even part of the equation. When Brady talks like that you know what it says? It says that he’s a normal dude.

I mean, we’ve all been there when Tom sinks a putt from 10-15 feet and lets out a SUCK ON THAT, MOTHER F***** right? Right.

The episode jumps around from timeline to timeline from here on out.

It goes to the Edelman injury and how big of a blow that was to Tom and the team. Still, even though Tom addresses how big of a loss it is… He has the tone that’s been instilled in him from Bill “Next man up.”

Then we see something really interesting from Brady that I didn’t expect to see. While in one of his deep massages from Alex Guerrero… Tom is actively looking ahead in the schedule.

This is probably the most normalizing part of the series to date. All we ever hear from the Patriots is the current opponent. Never have you ever heard a Patriot talk about the games ahead of the one at hand. We all know it’s bullshit because it’s human nature to look ahead. We do it so naturally that it’s normal.

Tom is the same way. He’s counting up wins week BYE week until they pull one out against the Falcons and go into their bye week at 6-2. This isn’t to say that Brady doesn’t have his focus on the opponent at hand because he always does.

It was just nice to see something normal there because as much as the Patriots say they don’t look ahead… Even people like Tom do.

The episode finishes with Brady and the Boys heading into the BYE week and you can tell how relieved he is. The dude works so hard between his on-field performance and his off-field brand that he talks about it can be overwhelming.

He’s just happy to be able to spend some time with his family. Something that we can all relate to.

We’ll have every epsiode for you right here with a review. Tell your friends.


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