Tom vs. Time — Episode 4 Review
Tom Brady & Family

Episode 4 of Tom vs. Time dropped at noon today. At this point, I wish they would just drop all the episodes now and I would have it done by the end of the night…

It’s that captivating.

This series will never really get old with me because there’s always something really cool about getting a look behind the curtain with a guy like Tom Brady. I think this episode was probably the one that really peeled back the curtain the most.

Family Family Family

This episode was literally all about family and bravo to the writers/producers of this series following up last episode (which was VERY TB12 Method related) to this episode which really didn’t feature any plugs at all for the TB12 Method.

Episode 3 opens with Tom being bugged by a loss in January 2011, specifically the 2011 AFC Divisional loss to the New York Jets. The camera then pans over to Tom’s son as Brady says that his son helps him deal with losses.

Worldwide Tommy

The timeline accelerates to Father’s Day of this past year where Brady is in Beijing, China with his son Jack.

Tom vs. Time really hits home on the title in a bunch of different ways when you think about it. Everyone keeps looking at “TIME” as just how much time Brady has left to play football.

It’s much deeper than that.

Brady constantly talks about how he didn’t want to have kids or get married until AFTER he was done playing football. He felt this because he references how much time it takes to prepare the way he feels is necessary to be at the top of his game.

Like most plans, though… That’s not really how it goes.

The China trip looked cool as hell, man. Just imagine being Brady’s son… Just jet-setting across the world to go see some of the coolest sights of all time. Tom talks about how much that trip meant to him just because he got to spend time with his son.

The battle against time isn’t just about football with Brady, it’s about being able to experience his kids growing up all while maintaining his absurd level of play on the football field AND be this public figure off the field as well. Bonkers.

Momma Brady!

The best part of the episode is Tom talking about his parents and the hardships that his mother has endured over the past couple of years with her illness.

Brady is sitting around the table with his parents on a FaceTime call with Bob Kraft. Mrs. Brady calls him Mr. Kraft and in typical Bob Kraft fashion, he refuses to go by Mr. Kraft… He is my hero.

Tom hands the phone to his mother and Kraft goes on to tell her how much of an inspiration she has been to the team and the organization as a whole.

He talks about how the Patriots organization has a present for her as a token of their gratitude. Brady then presents his mom with her own personalized Super Bowl ring.


Brady talks about his parents as he grew up. He talks about how they never ever tried to manage his expectations which I thought was really cool. You’ll find parents everywhere who hear their kids talk about wanting to tie a rope around the world and put it in their pocket. That’s sometimes met with skepticism and an attempt to have kids keep it all in perspective.

It’s not a malicious thing by any means, but it was just cool to hear that when Tom probably talked about being the greatest quarterback to ever live his parents were sincerely saying to him “You’re going to be if you keep working.”

Finishing With The Dolphin Game

Tom vs. Time Episode 4 finishes with Tom watching film (as per usual) and then the Patriots blowing the doors off the Dolphins at Gillette.

Hilarious moment beforehand is when Brady’s kid is watching film with him and trying to angle for a 70 dollar lego set from the toy store and Tommy drops the chores on him.

“You know how many chores it takes for 70 dollars?”

I laughed out loud at this. They really are a normal family. Do you know what 70 dollars is to Tom Brady? It’s literally like finding a penny on the ground tails side up so he leaves it because it’s unlucky.

Still, he tells his kid that it takes the chores to get that dough… Hilarious. Good on Tom for establishing that from the jump and that definitely is the best thing to do when you have all the money on Earth and don’t want your kids to be spoiled.

If you were starting to get annoyed with all of the TB12 Method plugs in this series, then this is the episode for you. It’s the perfect break from all the hardcore training and a real peek inside Tom Brady the family man.


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