Tom vs. Time – Episode 5 Review
Tom and Gisele

Tom vs. Time Episode 5 dropped on this beautiful Super Bowl Sunday.

On a day where all of us Patriots’ fans are trying to find ways to get through the day. This is a nice piece to add to that formula.

This episode is jam-packed with a lot of really incredible sequences… and also some shit that’s straight up alarming to us as fans.

Gisele Says Enough

It’s pretty clear in this episode of Tom vs. Time that Gisele has had enough of Tom Brady’s football career.

Honestly throughout the entire episode the only time Gisele is talking to the cameras she is speaking about how she wishes Tom would hang up his jersey and put football behind him.

There’s a sequence where Tom and Gisele are being asked questions together and Gisele alludes to when she and Tom first met in 2006 where Brady said he was only going to play 10 more years.

How’d that work out?

She’s obviously annoyed that Tom is still on the field. I obviously don’t blame her. If I’m looking at this through her lenses it makes sense why she would want Tom to retire now as the greatest to ever do it and live a long happy life together with more free time.

I won’t look through those lenses for long though… because I’m a fan and I want Tom around forever.

Tuning Out The Noise

This was the other main focus of this episode of Tom vs. Time… Tom Brady and the outside noise.

It was interesting to hear Brady’s take on all of the criticism that comes his way. He talks about how it doesn’t bother him as much now as it did when he was younger and that’s to be expected.

However, Tom does say that he hears it and hears particular things about his life that he wishes he could stand up and defend himself about.

Yet, he knows that all defending himself to these sheep will do is take away energy that he could be using it for something else. It fits perfectly with the beginning of the episode where Tom is surfing in Costa Rica.

Brady talks about how you can’t waste your energy trying to force a surf session, you just have to go with it. Tom can’t spend all these hours defending himself to pointless critics because it does nothing for him.

The only way Tom Brady gets to defend himself against outside noise… is on the football field.

He puts every single ounce of his energy towards the game of football because he knows that no matter what people say on the outside if he keeps performing on the field… they’ll have nothing left to say.

Connecting The Two

I’m going to connect the above two headlines because I truly think they play off of each other.

Tom says in this episode that he feels like his most authentic self on the football field. He knows that he can unleash who he truly is and that’s where he feels the most comfortable. Also, as I said above this is where he puts all of his energy and with that is able to silence the critics around him.

How could you give something like that up if you know that you still can do it at the highest level?

It’s close to impossible. Tom can’t retire until he absolutely has to… I don’t blame him.

In that same sequence where he is with Gisele, he says the most terrifying thing ever.

“Two more Super Bowls.”

He alludes to being done after he wins two more Super Bowls… This just freaks me out. Do I want two more Super Bowls? You bet and it would be awesome to get one of those tonight.

Still, it’s surreal to think that if the Patriots win tonight and then let’s just give a hypothetical and say they found a way to three-peat next year… Is he then done? That scares me. Tom has to retire sometime and I’m probably overreacting… but it still freaked me out.

All In All…

Another great episode, and a perfect set up to the Super Bowl tonight… I’m going to stop thinking about when Tom will eventually hang them up and just enjoy what’s right in front of my face… a ton of good food and the greatest QB of all-time trying to win another ring.

Let’s go.


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