The Two Bills 30for30 Was A+
The Two Bills (ESPN)

ESPN premiered its 30for30 documentary of The Two Bills last night and it was the perfect softcore Patriots porn that we all needed to get through these last couple of days before the Super Bowl.

A+ work all the way around.

Even if you aren’t a Bill Belichick fan, this feature still forces you to respect the guy and what he does as a football coach.

Creating a monster…

People so often think Bill Belichick is this evil genius who was just created out of thin air and automatically great. So often do we have the tendency to overlook the journey of someone and instead just focus on who they are now and think they have always had that level of excellence.

Nope. Not the case. Belichick was always this weird nerd with all the ideas, but it was Bill Parcells who created the monster.

The doc is filled with hilarious sound bites of Belichick and Parcells trading jabs back and forth throughout games and that had to have been my favorite part.

For instance… Parcells at one point in the headset…

Don’t you give me that s***, Belichick. Your ass will be right out in the f***ing parking lot.

MORE! I need more!


This was a small sequence of The Two Bills, but it was incredible.

Bill Belichick’s nickname was DOOM. Everyone in the organization calling Bill DOOM on a daily basis is just the perfect nickname.

“Hey man, you finish learning the playbook? Doom gonna be all over your ass if you haven’t.”


The Rift

You could tell how uncomfortable these guys were when the focus shifted to the entire New York Jets mishap.

They said the right things, and it never became explosive. Still, you just knew both of them were cringing on the inside when all of this resurfaced.

Parcells really did make an all-time KING PETTY move by waddling out of his office as soon as Kraft’s fax came through wanting to interview Belichick. I just imagine him out of breath struggling down the hallway just to resign so that the Patriots couldn’t have Belichick.

That worked out well, huh?

Belichick had every right to be pissed. The Jets owner had just died and even he knew that Woody Johnson and James Dolan (The new potential owners) were clown shows. He had every right to resign from the Jets.

Should he have done it a little more diplomatically? Of course. We all have had those moments (especially myself) where we don’t handle stuff the correct way in the moment because of our emotions. Instead, we just pop off and you regret it in retrospect.

The Goddamn Jets

It’s hilarious that even in a piece that’s really about these two, you can’t help but focus in on how laughable of a franchise the New York Jets are.

I feel bad for Jets fans because it’s just not in the cards. Two of the best football coaches of all time sitting in your organization and then poof… Everything is ruined.


There were tons of ups and downs with the relationship between The Two Bills. No, shit.

When the day is done though, these two guys appreciate one another more than anything in their football careers. I truly think that one couldn’t have succeeded or existed long without the other. Parcells would have still been alright, but he would not have been as legendary without Belichick.

Belichick owes a ton to Parcells and never misses a chance to say that especially in this doc, which I thought was really cool. Belichick has no problem doling out credit where credit is due, but it was even cooler to see him openly point out the things Parcells did for him that he appreciated.

If you missed this documentary… Find a way to watch it. ASAP.


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