What’s Next For The Patriots?
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If you’re like me then you’ve probably done a horrible job of staying away from the car crash that was the Patriots losing the Super Bowl.

Ever since the game ended there have been around 3.2 million stories about what’s going to happen to this team. This is to be expected after a loss like that so I’m really not that surprised. There are a few constants after EVERY Super Bowl

The winning team thinks they’re all going to stay together and make another run when the reality is that some of the players will leave in free agency for better deals inflated based on the newly acquired personal tag “Super Bowl Champion”

Whereas the losing team is the subject of stories like “Are they done for good?” or “Will they ever get back here?”

The three figures making the most noise here for the Patriots are Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Rob Gronkowski. I’m gonna try and tackle each one and give what I truly think will happen to all three.

Bill Belichick

Literally, as I type this sentence Josh McDaniels has officially been named the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. There were many reports saying that Belichick could be seeking greener pastures after all of the supposed turmoil between him, Kraft and Brady this past season.

Each day that Josh McDaniels wasn’t announced as the Colts new head coach, that report continued to gain traction.

Many (including me) felt that if McDaniels wasn’t going to leave, after all, that might mean Bill is setting up to move on and therefore Josh would take over the head coaching duties.

It had me on edge for a bit, but now?

Bill Belichick will be the head coach next season

I truly believe he’s not going anywhere and you should jump on that train as well. It’s just very hard to envision Belichick leaving the team this season if he didn’t already have a successor (McDaniels) in place to take over. He’ll be here.

Tom Brady

This is the one that puzzles me the most as to why it’s even a storyline…

Brady went onto his interview with Jim Gray of Westwood One and clearly said that we were going to see him playing football next year. That means if Tom Brady is playing football, he is playing it in a Patriots uniform.

I’ve read so much about how Tom is really considering hanging the cleats up and retiring and I just laugh every single time. The only one pushing him towards retirement is Gisele, and that’s understandable.

Do we all remember what just happened? Tom Brady just lost the Super Bowl on a strip-sack where he was going to drive down the field and win the game. Brady just threw for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns… and lost.

Tom Brady is (and markets himself as) the biggest competitor in the history of sports. I truly believe he is.

That’s why Tom Brady will be back next season.

Brady will not let himself go out like that, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if his last season as a professional football player ended with a Super Bowl loss.

Rob Gronkowski

Finally, we get to our lovable meathead.

Gronk is the one that has me the most scared if I’m being totally honest. Multiple reports came out saying he was pondering retirement BEFORE THE SUPER BOWL WAS EVEN PLAYED.

Why is that a big deal? I’ll tell you why.

During Gronk’s press conference that made me feel like even more garbage… He talked about how he has to evaluate his future in this league and go from there. He was shook that people found out he was thinking about retirement, you could see it in his responses.

It’s a big deal that this was a thought before the game because it completely throws out the notion that “He was just acting emotionally after a big loss.” this was clearly a thought in the works well before this game.

The thing is… I don’t blame him one bit. I can’t be mad at him at all.

This guy has taken so many brutal hits over his career I’m surprised he can still walk in a straight line like a normal human being. Football is a dangerous game whether you agree or not. The players know what they’re signing up for, so it’s not outrageous when they realize how it affects your post-career quality of life.

If Rob Gronkowski decides to hang ’em up and walk away from the game I’d be crushed, but I would understand.

Still, if you’re asking for my gut feeling? Rob Gronkowski is not going to retire.

I think his relationship with Tom goes such a long way here that Brady will convince him to get back on the field. I also think Gronk LOVES playing football, truly loves it. At the end of the day, I just don’t think he’s going to want to give that up just yet.

3 For 3…

Yes, I think they’re all back. No, it’s not some explosion where the entire team is disbanded.

They just lost the Super Bowl and football isn’t coming back for a long time… There needs to be something to write about in Patriots Nation and this is the stuff that is thrown on our plate.

Everyone take a deep breath… We’re going to be alright.




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