Alex Cora is officially the new manager of the Red Sox.

Caught up in the entire Super Bowl Rematch there was some big Red Sox news that became official yesterday. Alex Cora has been named as the new Manager of the team.

I wrote previously about how I had caught Alex Cora fever and was really hoping the Red Sox would get this right and convince him that this team is in fact NOT an impending dumpster fire even though the playoff performances would indicate such. I could EASILY see the Red Sox having to sell themselves to Cora as much as he felt like he had to do the same.

This decision was very well wrapped up a while ago when a Spanish baseball news website made the call last week. Regardless, it’s official now. I couldn’t be happier.

You can go back and read all the reasons I like Alex Cora for this spot, and I won’t reblogged them all here. I just wanted to add one more tidbit on why Cora is the right guy.

Being the manager of the Boston Red Sox sucks. Point blank. The media will have your head on a stick the minute things look off the rails. Red Sox media is by far the craziest and the expectation is to win… and win now. Remember when Tom Menino said he wouldn’t ever trade places with Tito no matter how much crap the job of Mayor entailed… This is real.

That’s why I like Cora. He’s even-keeled and a guy who is known for making the mood light around him. I also think that him spending a good amount of time in a Red Sox uniform has given him a perspective of what it’s like to play in this market and see that kind of pressure first hand. Obviously, player media heat and manager media heat are two totally things but I think he’s the guy to handle it.

It’s a long wait until Spring Training, but the winter meetings are coming. At least this is some positive baseball news in the meantime.


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