If The News Is True About Giancarlo Stanton (I Don’t Think It Is) Let’s Overreact About It.

Well, that was short-lived. What a tease. A key term that I did not mention on my blog about Giancarlo is in that ridiculous contract of his, he also has a No-Trade clause. That means he can accept or deny any trade that the Marlins want to do. The guy can go wherever the hell he wants, and according to multiple reports, Boston is not it.

My opinion is obviously a biased one. Giancarlo has played for a mediocre Miami Marlins team his whole career and has never even sniffed the playoffs. Why would you not want to play for a historic franchise that is a yearly contender and has a 310ft Monster in left field that you could hit over with your pinky finger? The only thing I can think of when I put myself in his shoes is he wants to be closer to his family and friends. Stanton grew up outside of Los Angeles California so look for him to end up somewhere in “The Golden State”.   Right now, the Giants look like heavy contenders, but you can never count out money bags, Magic Johnson, and the Dodgers.

So now what are the Red Sox options other than this:

Well, I won’t lie, there’s not a lot out in free agency this year. Here are 3 guys that I think the Sox will focus on (likely only signing one).

  1. Eric Hosmer Position: First Baseman  Bats: Left  •  Throws: Left  Height/Weight 6-4, 225lb

Hosmer had a great year in 2017 playing for the Kansas City Royals. He batted .318 and had 25 Home Runs and 94 RBI’s.  He’s just not the “sexy bat” that I feel the team needs. Fenway is not exactly the kindest to Left-handed hitters not named David Ortiz. That short wall out in right field is 380ft away “generally”. I know Pesky Pole is out there at 302ft but for where the ball is normally hit out on right field 380 ft is far. Will that hurt Hosmer? We will find out. I don’t think Hosmer should be the guy. I think they need a star player here to get the fan base excited, and he just doesn’t do it for me.  If they do land Hosmer he will likely be a great clubhouse guy – Think Johnny Gomes in 2013.  I really like me some Mitch Moreland, but Hosmer would certainly be an upgrade at first base.

2. Carlos Santana 

Positions: First Baseman and Catcher  Bats: Both  •  Throws: Right

Height/Weight 5-11, 210lb

Santana is another target to fill the first baseman slot. He had a solid year with the Indians, hitting 23 Home Runs and 79 RBI’s.  I like Santana a lot because he can also play catcher. During the ridiculous 162 game season that can help keep everyone fresh and healthy by him being able to fill in and give other catchers some off days.  He had a good year, but only batted .249 and struck out 94 times so I am a tad hesitant to add him, but from what we saw last year the Red Sox NEED a power hitter, and Santana can certainly aide them in that department.


3. J.D Martinez  Position: Outfielder Bats: Right  •  Throws: Right H/W 6-3, 220lb

Martinez is easily the most sought-after free agent in the MLB market this year. He was 3rd in the majors in HR’s with 45 and drove in 104 RBI’s.  This is who I think the Red Sox are going to spend most of their time on at the winter meetings. The problem is he’s an outfielder so where would we put him?  Benintendi, Bradley Jr, and Betts already patrol the outfield so I am thinking they can put him at DH. His power would be an enormous lift to the lineup.


That then makes you think about what they will do with Hanley Ramirez. We could see a UGLY situation brew here, let me explain. Hanley signed a 4-year deal back in 2015 with an option for the 2019-2020 season IF he has 1,050 Plate Appearances thru 2017 and 2018.  If the Sox sign Martinez and put him in the DH position they are essentially forcing Hanley to produce. If he does, awesome, we made him earn his payday of 22 million bucks. If he doesn’t then likely he is done with the Red Sox after next season.  That will be interesting to watch and if I know sleazy businessmen (I instantly think of John Henry) this will be something they want to take advantage of.  If you can motivate a lackadaisical player like Hanley then more power to you.  Money rules everything around Hanley so get the money Dolla Dolla bills Y’all.

So the fact Giancarlo doesn’t want to play here ultimately is his loss. If he wants to continue hitting close to 60 meaningless HR’s for a loser franchise so be it. It’s his life. I can’t really blame him. Making 325 Million dollars playing baseball in my hometown would be the best life ever. The Red Sox have other options out there and they are much less expensive! I’ll be keeping my eye out for any developments. Winter Meetings are happening as we speak and they usually produce fireworks so we shall wait and see.

But If I’ve learned anything from the year 2017 there is a lot of fake news out there. Do not believe everything the media tells you and that includes the sports media. When Giancarlo is starting in Right Field for the Red Sox we will look back at this blog and laugh.  Stay Woke!





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