Mookie Betts Wins Arbitration Case.
Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts essentially bet on himself. That’s a pretty good bet to make.

This is really a nice break away from all the non-stop Super Bowl coverage, but this might not be the best news for Red Sox fans.

This ruling isn’t just some short-term “Oh, that’s cool.” kind of thing… This has ramifications that are going to come about later on and could leave a sour taste in all of our mouths.

The Red Sox originally wanted to pay Mookie Betts $7.5 million dollars this season and Mookie was not having that. He pushed for an independent third party to decide his fate… and he won. A panel of judges awarded him $10.5 million. He beat his own team.

This is very very rare. Although arbitration is there to be used, teams rarely go ALL THE WAY to arbitration. Most of the time teams and players will go back and forth for a long time and eventually somebody caves.

This didn’t happen…

This was the first year of a possible three years of arbitration with respects to Mookie and the Sox. The Red Sox offered him a multi-year deal and he didn’t take it.

They even tried to make a ONE YEAR DEAL with him and he still didn’t take it. The Red Sox have really shot themselves in the foot here.

Mookie Betts felt undervalued and then pushed for $10.5 million and THE RED SOX SAID NO. Red Sox management was so caught up over 3 million dollars that they decided to take this all the way to an actual case.

So what? Who cares?

Do you know the best way for a baseball team to alienate a player? Take them into a courtroom over 3 million dollars and try your best to plead your case to a panel of judges as to why your SUPERSTAR PLAYER doesn’t deserve the extra 3 million dollars.

I can’t stress it enough… Arbitration cases rarely happen. Teams always settle. The Red Sox decided to be their usual idiot selves and fire a crappy arrow at their best player and missed.

Now what?

If I’m Mookie Betts… why would I want to play in Boston anymore?

Seriously. It’s a fair question. Your management straight up undervalued you all the way into an actual courtroom. How do you come back from that and arrive to a place where you want to re-sign with them?

Sure, if they admit their wrongdoing and come over the top with an amazing deal that’s one thing.

This is the Red Sox though. That’s not going to happen.

This is typical…

Really I cannot be surprised by these things anymore… This is the team that essentially ran Jon Lester out of town and then lowballed him only to go out and overpay for David Price years later.

This ownership group does not care about winning World Series titles and don’t you ever forget that. Red Sox ownership cares about your money and your money only. It has been shown again here, and it won’t be the last time you see it either.



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