The Boston Red Sox are 1 of 4 Teams Talking to the Miami Marlins About Giancarlo Stanton

Derek Jeter recently became a 4% owner of the Miami Marlins this off-season. He also became the head guy to lead the team’s baseball operations. Jeter has made it pretty clear that they are looking to dump as much salary off the books as possible. A key figure in all of this is Giancarlo Stanton. If you are not aware, please be sitting down for what I am about to say, it will shock, amaze, baffle, and possibly anger you.

This man has a 13-year contract for $325,000,000.   It’s ABSURD! Do you want to know the craziest part? IT’S ALL GUARANTEED MONEY! It’s 325mil not even including the incentives.

So yeah, not exactly the greatest contract to have on the books when trying to rebuild a team for our favorite “Hate to Love him ex-Yankee” Derek Jeter. Naturally, they are trying to get rid of Stanton so they do not have to pay him.

It is believed that there are currently 4 teams in the early stages that are interested in Giancarlo’s services. The Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, St-Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. I for one am PUMPED the Red Sox are one of them.   Do you want to know why this man is getting $325 Million dollars? Here ya go:


Simply put, he is a monster. He is about to turn 29 years old and is making the case to be one of the greatest home run hitters post-steroid era. He hit 59 HR’s last year and had 132 RBI’s. Getting him in a Red Sox uniform would be exactly what this team needs. Last year the Red Sox were last in HR’s. That baffles me because of the park they play in. A Giancarlo Stanton “pop-fly” would have a chance to make it over the monster in left field. He would give the lineup a much need boost in production and be the David Ortiz fill in that we are still desperately in search of.

The catch however, is he is not a free agent so the Sox can’t just go and sign him. We would have to give up valuable pieces in order to land him and get him playing on Yawkey Way. (It’s still called that right?).   My head instantly looks to the outfield. Betts, Benintendi, and Jackie Bradley.  I’m even going to throw in Boegarts here for the sake of conversation.   If we are to land Giancarlo AT LEAST two of these guys are going to Miami. Am I willing to part with this after a win every night?


The crazy part is, even with the 2 out of the 4 guys as part of the package, (Knock yourself out at choosing which 2 it would be) the Sox would still have to give up a prospect or 2 AND I’m thinking some draft picks. Are we willing to deplete the farm and get rid of the young kids to get a superstar?  I’m torn because I love these guys, but every single one of them I feel has a solid floor but not a high ceiling. Do you feel like these guys are going to get exponentially better?  Mookie had a rough season this year and although I don’t think he’s peaked yet, he doesn’t make it move on the scale for me on if he’s going to be a star. Can Benny “Biceps” up his game to a higher level? JBJ can’t hit over .240 and Boegarts has been lost for a season and a half.  If you can’t see where I’m going with this, here it is in black and white.


It’ll certainly be an interesting off-season but I can’t think of a better way to start off with a new manager (Alex Cora) by trading for a big bat. The price will be high, but giving Giancarlo the opportunity to spray baseballs all over Landsdowne Street would be well worth whatever it is we ultimately have to give up.


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