The Red Sox interview Alex Cora, and I have caught the fever.
ST PETERSBURG, FL - OCTOBER 19: Infielder Alex Cora #13 of the Boston Red Sox fields a ground ball out against the Tampa Bay Rays in game seven of the American League Championship Series during the 2008 MLB playoffs on October 19, 2008 at Tropicana Field in St Petersburg, Florida. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

As I write this, I am STILL celebrating the Red Sox firing of John Farrell. The entire John Farrell disaster is similar to me trying to get my fat ass in shape and get in the gym. We all KNOW I need to do it, there are so many benefits that come with me doing it…… but I’m also not dead yet, so maybe we’ll just see if I wake up tomorrow back in fighting shape.

Luckily for everyone involved, the Red Sox finally came to their senses, and I ran on the treadmill this morning. HOORAY FOR PROGRESS!

On Sunday, the Sox brass interviewed Houston Astro’s current bench coach Alex Cora. Cora spent 4 seasons in a Red Sox uniform from 2005-2008 and according to everyone under the sun, he is the Red Sox top candidate for the position… and mine too.

Call me a sucker but I am a huge fan of former players that I remember playing becoming managers. Dave Roberts in LA? LOVE IT. I live for that shit because I can start my transition into an old-timer who can say “I remember when he used to lace ’em up!” that shit matters to me… but I’m a fan of Cora for other reasons.

Everyone keeps raving about the way Cora sees the game. How he thinks more in-depth than the average Joe and what a sight for sore eyes that is considering Red Sox fans have just had the equivalent of a traffic cone calling the shots for their team.

Cora doesn’t have any professional managerial experience but I think that doesn’t mean much. Dusty Baker is literally a dinosaur with all his managerial experience and yet he cannot stop the Nationals from throwing up all over themselves when it matters the most. So take it from a recent college grad trying to get a job… screw your “required experience” — Cora has roots both being a manager and general manager for Puerto Rico when they play winter ball, and that’s good enough for me.

What I care about the most? – The Astros rave about Cora’s relationship with young players. THAT IS WHAT THE RED SOX NEED. With such a young core, it’s imperative that the Red Sox find someone who can relate. Cora is only 6 years removed from being a player himself. That means a lot.

At the end of the day, it’s no surprise that Alex Cora is at the top of the list for other manager’s positions such as the Mets, and the Tigers. I won’t shy around it, the Sox need to get this

If it’s not Alex Cora, that’s fine as long as it’s right because I’ll be honest I am one more disappointing playoff series away from swan diving off the Green Monster.



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