Celtics Extend Winning Streak to 16.  (Can legally drive a car)

Last night was ALMOST the definition of a trap game. The Dallas Mavericks were 3-14 and basically playing their “Super Bowl” in late November. Instead, Kyrie Irving showed the city of Boston why people like myself should get over the fact Isiah Thomas isn’t on the roster anymore. GOOD LORD! Kyrie put the team on his back like Greg Jennings against Darren Sharper and led the team to sweet 16 glory.

The Celtics, as is tradition, found themselves behind by double digits for the sixth time in this sixteen game streak. I’m convinced Brad Stevens has Bugs Bunny “Secret Stuff” in the locker room and it’s not water it’s just Basketball IQ. This team is never out of it. They found themselves down 13 points at one point in the 4th quarter AND they were down 10 points with 5:22 left in the game.  (Friendly reminder the Patriots were down 28-3 with 2:12 seconds left in the 3rd Quarter and won!  I KNOW RIGHT!!??!!)

Normally in the NBA, teams that are supposedly as good as the Celtics (cough cough the Cavs) when down 10 with 5 mins left don’t assert the effort to come back and win. They have the mentality of it’s a regular season game, on the road, let’s pack it in and get to the next one. Not this team, and not UNCLE DREW! Kyrie Irving went Uncle Drew in Dallas last night and shut up those (including myself) that miss the heck out of Isiah Thomas. Sorry, IT, I’m leaving you. I will always remember you,  it’s not you, it’s totally me. Not that avid basketball fans didn’t know this already but Kyrie Irving is AMAZING. If you didn’t see any of his performance last night have no fear, here is all of it in its amazing glory.

47pts, 5-7 from 3pt land, 10-11 FT’s, 6 assists, a +21 plus/minus. LEBRON MISSES THIS SO MUCH AND WILL NEVER ADMIT IT!  (There’s about a 20 second ad before the Kyrie show begins…just deal with it… we live in Ad land…I mean America, it’s America)

I highly recommend watching that whole video but nobody will blame you if you skip to about the 3:00 min mark.

“It’s Kyrie’s World”  He’s going to be so valuable in the playoffs if he can continue taking over the 4th quarter and OT like he did last night. “Masked Kyrie” should be your new favorite superhero.


Jalen Brown: 22 points 9 Rebounds 

Jayson Tatum: 15 points 9 Rebounds

Yes, I highlighted Rebounds!  If you have watched the Celtics the last few years you’d know that those teams COULD NOT REBOUND THE FRICKEN BALL! (Calm down Sean)

Finally, we have a team that boxes out and crashes the boards. I love that it is led by the young guys.  Brown, Tatum, and Morris all had 9 rebounds apiece and Horford added 8 of his own.  If you asked for more than one Celtic to get you 8 rebounds last year, Jonas Jerebko and Kelly Olynk would have laughed right in your face as they went 2-11 from 3pt land respectively. (Each hitting one, which would then prove to themselves that it’s ok to take 3’s.) We are finally out of those dark ages and heading into the light.


The only lowlights I saw from last night’s game were:

Al Horford had an off night. He only shot the ball 5 times, but every shot he took was a BRICK. Although his shooting was off, he did have 7 assists! However, he needs to have better performances than that.  (That folks is called a “Constructive Sandwich” for all you inspiring business whippersnappers.)

Marcus Smart Shot Selection.  I cringe EVERY single time he shoots the ball. Even if it’s a good shot (very rare).  It’s crazy because I love Marcus for everything else he does on the court. He is trying harder than everyone out on that court at any given time. The save on the baseline that led to Kyrie’s 3 point shot is a great example of the hustle he shows each game. Defensively he gets in people’s faces and forces them to tough shots. I love Smart on Steph Curry SO MUCH. However, he makes me so angry with some of his offensive decision making.  I played basketball in high school. My whole life I shot the ball with two hands. The ball went in ALL the time. There’s legit tape of it thanks to my grandfather. In high school, I was told not to do that. (Should have never listened and shot like Shawn Marion my whole life).  I then became Marcus Smart. The point I am trying to make is I KNEW I couldn’t shoot so I instead DROVE TO THE DAMN BASKET. Now if I could shoot higher than 30% from the free throw line I would have been on some college team’s bench, but that’s neither here nor there. Drive to the basket Marcus. You are actually quite good when you do. Please. Please. Please.

Looking forward, when does the streak end?  As I write this I am trying to get myself into the TD Garden on Monday the 27th to see my old friend Avery Bradley play basketball. In a perfect world, the streak would be at 19 by then!  In my way of getting what I want in life is:

@ Miami

Home vs Orlando

and @Indiana the following night.

I truly believe we beat Miami tomorrow night but Orlando and Indiana back to back for whatever reason makes me uncomfortable.  I hope I’m just a big wussy idiot and the C’s come out of that stretch at 19 wins in a row.  After that, the Celtics have a 5 game home stand against

Detroit (HUGE)

Philadelphia (EVEN MORE HUGE),

Phoenix, (Tatum vs Jackson is cool…it’s also a 1pm on a Saturday for those looking for something to do with the Fam or Friends. It’s also SantaCon that night. I’ll be working the bar. Shameless plug to Mcgreevy’s)

Milwaukee (The Greek Freak Returns), and

Dallas (Rematch from last night).

They have to drop one of those right?  RIGHT?!!

Here’s hoping the winning streak can walk into a bar legally soon!

If you didn’t know by now:










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