Do You Believe in the TB12 Method?

Win or lose, after next Sunday’s game I will be actively rooting for a team led by a 41 year old Quarterback next season. Tom Brady will be returning to the tune of his 18th NFL season. I can’t help but think about how miserable I’ll be when his body finally catches up with him and forces him to retire from the one thing he loves to do. Yet why am I not worried? Why do I feel like he’s going to play 5 more seasons?  The answer is simple. He has to. He brought this upon himself.

Whoa? Was that some negative attack towards our lord and savior Tom Brady?  No, not really. I am just acknowledging the career risk he is taking playing football for his career after football.  Tom has gone all in on his TB12 Method. I’m sure you’ve heard of it or even own the book already, but it is basically his exercise and nutrition book he made with longtime trainer Alex Guerrero explaining the importance of being “pliable”. He believes his daily regime of special exercise techniques and not eating foods us average human folk consider healthy like fruit, eggplant, potatoes, salmon, and beef is a key factor in why he is able to play the game at such a high level as a 40-year-old. Now I am not saying he’s wrong. For all I know, this method could be the G.O.A.T of methods to be healthy and live prosperously. I just can see it going terribly wrong.

What happens when Brady get’s blindsided from behind by a 300 lb defensive linemen? Or maybe another ACL tear by a cheap dive at the knees?  Did you see the media field day that occurred this past week just from a hand laceration? My point being is Tom Brady even though we don’t view him as one is human. He can easily get hurt at any moment, and the second he does, everything this TB12 method has been advocating for goes out the window. That makes me upset. I’m not just rooting for TB12 in football, I’m rooting for him post-football. The only thing is he’s put himself in such a lose-lose situation unless he plays until he’s 50.

If he plays until his mid 40’s at a successful level it further proves his method works and then he will probably become a fitness guru until his dying days (who am I kidding he’ll probably live until 200).  However, if he gets hurt next year or declines a la Peyton Manning everything his book promotes looks like a bunch of bullcrap. He’s backed himself into a corner. If you think after he wins his 6th Super Bowl he’s going to hang up the cleats you are sadly, insanely, superbly, immensely, mistaken. He can’t.

My selfish fan perspective could care less. I don’t want to think about life after the GOAT. I watch NFL Redzone and my god, the coaching and level of play from the other teams in the NFL is pathetic. I thank God every day I am a Pats fan and you should be doing so too. Therefore I’m pumped I get to be graced with Brady’s presence for 4-5 more years.

My “empathetic towards my lord and savior Tom Brady’s life” perspective believes he’s put himself in a ridiculously tough spot. His book says its how to achieve a LIFETIME of sustained peak performance. If he even remotely declines, or worse gets hurt, his method is a load of crap just like the Jenny Craigs, Nutrisystems, and infomercials that have the side by side picture of two different people yet they say its the same person who’s lost 75 lbs in two days of the world. (Run-on sentence much Sean?)   I don’t want that for Tom. All I can do is hope he plays until 50 and then hope he’s figured out a way to anti-age and play until 60. By then he’ll probably have figured out time travel and play until 70.  Or this will all end extremely poorly and Gisele will continue to be the person who brings home the bacon in the relationship.

That’s the hilarious part….I’m worried about Tom Brady’s financial future and career after football. He’s married to someone who makes 40 million more dollars a year than he does.  I’m here for you Tom…it’s not about your money…it’s about your post-football happiness. I will continue to root for your success until you eventually become President by 2040. (That’s what we do now…elect celebrities.)  Just friends helping friends.

Remember this:

Became this:


All because of the TB12Method that I need to believe in.

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  1. Remember Drew vs. Tom.? There was no TB12, it was always about the fire in his eyes. He has never lost that focus. Tom is sharing his focus, his motivation and his passion. I am hoping people are watching, listening and following his lead.

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