Fun Fact: Losing Is Not Fun

That is not how I thought last night would go. Unfortunately, Tom Brady can’t play on both sides of the ball.  Guys, I was pretty busy running around so I only saw the important parts of the game but I would have never guessed he threw for 505 yards!  That is absolutely bonkers. Brady threw for half a grand and we freaking lost! WHAT?

We as a society love blaming people for things and this game lies solely on the defense.


Seriously, one stop and we win that game. It’s ridiculous.

I’m not trying to overreact too much because what a game that was. Am I going to sit here and say “I’m happy for the city of Philadelphia”    Hell no. The fact that there’s going to be a parade on Broad St instead of Boylston St costs me a crap ton of money when you work at a bar in the center of Boylston St. Geesh Sean selfish much? You betchya! I need that shit.

At the end of the day, the Patriots “bend don’t break” defense didn’t not break. I don’t give a damn about grammar or double negatives today..fight me.

I for one am happy Matt Patricia is leaving because I honestly believe there’s better out there. Am I saying that as an emotional Pats fan who just lost the Super Bowl? Maybe. Yet you can not ignore how this season was a truly a travesty on the defensive side of the ball. I’ll be interested to re-visit Patricia in the middle of the season next year while he’s in Detroit and see how the defense looks there.

Sean, we went on a streak of games not allowing over 17 points though, Patricia is a solid coach.  Yeah, but look at the yardage and the turnovers forced in each of those games and get back to me.  Not good.  This all boiled over last night. There are friends that I went to high school that played football who could have gotten through that defense for a couple hundred yards. That defense needed ONE stop all night because Brady played out of his freaking skull. Your 40 year old quarter back threw for a Super Bowl Record 505 yards because he had to dig your ass out of holes time and time again.


Who knows what happens from here.

Malcolm Butler for whatever reason played his final game as a Patriot two weeks ago against Jacksonville (That’s going to be an offseason nightmare)

Gronk’s being asked retirement questions

Our offensive and defensive coordinators are leaving for other teams.

We certainly have a divided locker room between players on the defensive side of the ball and the coaching staff.

Belichick is going to be held under a microscope for 6 months.

It’s not going to be fun.

This is what happens when you lose. That’s the price you pay for potential glory.

We will be back next year. Do you know who your quarterback is?

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P.S   How awful do you think the car ride home was? What does Gisele say there? The guy threw for 505 freaking yards and 3 TD’s. She can’t even bring up retirement….there’s no backing to her argument. I think Tom has one more Super Bowl left in him and that’s it. So, remember this feeling of despair you have now because it’s going to be 100X worse when he hangs the cleats up for the final time.  Continue to appreciate what you are witnessing.

P.P.S   What a freaking circus the media is going to be. ESPN has never been happier. Felger and Mazz have never been happier. It’s ridiculous. How about you pay people like Seth and I that are actual fans of the sports team to write and follow them?  Just a rational thought. I’ve learned rational thoughts don’t go too far in today’s world. Instead, we get to listen to 50-year-old miserable married schmucks who picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl when they get paid to talk about the Patriots. The world is upside down.

I’m angry.

Losing is not fun.



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