I’m Looking Ahead and Forcing Myself To Be A Houston Rockets Fan

Sean, what the hell are you doing? How dare you look ahead.

I’m not saying the Celtics-Cavs series is over.  Everyone and their grandmother knows there’s going to be a game in Boston on Sunday night. I know the Goliath that’s on the other team. I know he’s unstoppable. I know anything can happen in a Game 7.

I know…I know…I KNOW!

The fact of the matter is the team who wins Game 5 in the NBA wins the series 83% of the time.  Would an injury-prone Celtics team that has asked its rookie and second-year players to lead them to an improbable run be good candidates to fall into the 17%?


Yet I can not help myself.

If this team finds a way to slaughter the King and gets themselves to the NBA Finals I am here telling you in the month of May that we are going to a Parade in June……. if the Houston Rockets come out of the Western Conference.

Sean why Houston?


Because as one of the biggest Celtics homers of all time (Your reading a blog from someone that didn’t want Isiah Thomas to leave Boston and thought they could come back and beat the Cavs when they were down 30 at halftime last year) even I know the Golden State Warriors would absolutely destroy us.

It can be debated that Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA or will be in the next 2-3 years. Lebron is giving the Celtics fits as it is, Durant is Lebron-esque and then add 5 more inches in height and a supporting cast of SUPERSTARS in Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Let’s face it if Lebron had some help…if his teammates didn’t crap themselves whenever they are on the road we would have no shot in this series.  The Golden State Warriors are the Cavs on steroids.  I want no part of them.

The Rockets, on the other hand, give me hope.  They give me a sense of belief that the Celtics could not only hang with them…..but BEAT THEM.  I’m well aware that Chris Paul and James Harden are superstar players. I just can’t see a team that relies heavily and I mean HEAVILY on isolation-offense beating the likes of the Celtics.

I feel like Scary Terry and Marcus smart can pester Chris Paul.

I feel like Jaylen and Marcus Morris can limit James Harden.

Image result for marcus morris wink


I feel like half the country can’t name another player on the Rockets outside of the two just mentioned.

I feel like Big AL can post-up at will versus Capela, Tucker, Ariza whoever the hell they want to put on him.  (That’s 3 “other guys” on the Rockets for those playing at home)

I feel like James Harden is a defensive liability and would be the reason they lose.

Yeahhhh I said it. I know people love them some James Harden….I can’t stand him.  He plays like every punk I’ve ever played basketball with in my life. Thinks he’s hot shit because he can do all these fancy offensive stepback 3’s…hogs the ball…cries when his shots don’t fall or calls don’t go his way…and then continues crying while “playing defense”.  His effort on defense can be compared to your effort on combating climate change.  Yeah, it sure does sound good and like it would help overall but doesn’t mean you are going to change your ways.

As you can see I’m no Houston Rockets fan…..but will be tonight and Saturday.

It’s the best case scenario to see our Celtics do the unthinkable.

Houston is facing the exact same situation the Celtics had last night.  It’s a best of 3 series and two games are at home if needed.

If the Celtics have any shot of raising a Championship Trophy we want to play Houston, but this team has proved everyone wrong all season long. If we somehow defeated Golden State in a 7 game series my reaction to it would be this:

Image result for oh boy gif parks and rec

All I’m saying is root for trashy isolation offense to beat a juggernaut team tonight!

This blog was solely to get some Voodoo JuJu on Golden State.  Go Rockets!






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