I’m Using The Brawl Last Night To Start Talking About The Red Sox


Nothing like missed punches and some pushing and shoving amongst rivals.

Why did this happen?

Here is a quick breakdown for you….AND you get to watch Mookie Betts Grand Slam from the other night too!



That sort of spikes up slide that Austin pulled on Brock Holt is exactly why Dustin Pedroia hasn’t sniffed the field this season and why he was DREADFUL at the end of last. I have no problem with Joe Kelly standing up for his teammates. I also have no problem with Tyler Austin reacting the way he did.  Have you ever taking a 90 MPH baseball to the small of your back?  You’d do the exact same thing he did. Maybe without the Macho Man slamming of the bat, but you get the picture.

Is the Red Sox Yankees rivalry back on? Time will tell. If something else happens tonight then I’ll allow that phrase. Today’s players are too “buddy-buddy” with each other. There’s no extreme loathing or detest towards the teams. I knew Jason Varitek and A-Rod absolutely hated each other. I want that back. For now, you still have to sit in Section 43 at Fenway to find any real fights.

As for the team’s performance, 9-2 is a fantastic start. You can sense the overall relief from the players to the fact that John Farrell isn’t in the dugout anymore. Cora is 100% a players’ coach and the guys have already seemed to rally around him. The comebacks, the grand slams, the walk-offs are all extremely important towards team chemistry.  I am a big advocate of team chemistry in baseball because the Red Sox teams I’ve witnessed win it all have all been “A bunch of idiots coming together”.

2004 and 2007- Millar, Pedro, Nixon, Johnny Damon, Mike Lowell, Papelbon, and company literally were a bunch of idiots playing baseball.  They won games and had a blast doing it.

2013- Papi, Johnny Gomes, Victorino, even Uehara took on a happy-go-lucky attitude and it turned into a World Series. I still have no idea how they pulled that one off.

All other years, especially the dreaded 2012 year that I was on the Grounds Crew, the dugout was in turmoil. If the players do not like the manager they will eventually play how they feel. Bobby Valentine lost the dugout on what seemed to be the first week of the season, and John Farrell seemed to never have it, even though he got them to a championship.

I think Alex Cora is the shot in the arm the team needed to inspire the players. He’s easily more relatable and had played for the Red Sox before. He knows how to work the media and just came off the high of winning the World Series with the Astros.  Even if we don’t win a World Series this year, I think Cora was a very good signing for Red Sox management. (That’s something I haven’t said in a long, long time)


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