It’s ESPN’s Christmas and We Have To Deal With It.

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I remember waking up every morning as a kid and being so excited to watch the night before’s highlights of games. That’s all SportsCenter was. Kenny Mayne and Dan Patrick showing me the highlights with their amazing wit and humor. Now ESPN is a steaming load of hot of corporate garbage and political agendas. The above picture is what they posted on their facebook wall. ESPN is supposed to be an unbiased platform for sports yet they will jump at any opportunity they can to crap on the Patriots. I’ll save you the hours of footage there is on YouTube of ESPN analysts completely hating on the Patriots. I really have no idea why. ESPN and the NFL are basically besties so that whole time where we told Goodell to kick rocks and won the Super Bowl when he deliberately tried to sabotage us probably isn’t a good base for friendship.  It’s just something we are going to have to deal with. Good for you ESPN. You win this battle. Way to win with class!


An old co-worker and buddy of mine showed me this video and it goes into what I’m trying to prove. ESPN will go to ridiculous heights to crap on the Patriots. Spitting absolutely insane takes that are made to infuriate you. ESPN used to be awesome, just like most things I grew up with before money ruined it all. Shout out to Matt for the vid.


^ That my friends is a WILD take.

It’s wild how far ESPN will go to spread hate. I will never go too far down the political rabbit hole on this site but ESPN would have hated on us if we did protest and would have hated on us if we didn’t protest. It doesn’t matter.  That’s the problem.

For now, we will let them have their month of glory.

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