Patrice Bergeron Out Two Weeks (At Least) With A Broken Foot

Well this sucks.  There’s never a good time to break your foot, but this is a tough time for the Bruins to be without their best player. It seems like this team has fought through the injury bug all year. I am thankful they have been so resilient thus far, but I hope they can continue to trudge through this tough stretch.  It looks like Riley Nash (Not Rick) and Tommy Wingles are going to move up lines. Nash will play with Pasta, and Marchand while Wingles with be heading to the third line with Backes and Heinen.

The good news is that the Bruins have put themselves into a position where this truly doesn’t threaten their hopes of making the playoffs. They have a 20 point cushion on the 2nd wild card spot. This comes as a blessing because usually around this time we are already talking about how every game is a must win to luckily obtain a wild card spot.

The bad news is foot injuries are no joke. I hate how not just NHL teams, but all professional sports teams will give us something like “Yeah, he will be out 2 weeks and then we will re-evaluate”.  Here’s a fact for you. When you break your foot in any way shape or form it takes a hell of a lot longer than 2 weeks for it to heel up.  I know Bergie is a hockey player, and I know he’s played with basically one lung and a lacerated spleen before, but at this point I hope the Bruins play it safe here and don’t rush him back. He’s so important to this potential cup run. Especially with the moves upper management made last week it’s obvious this team has made ownership believe it has a shot at making a Stanley Cup run.  Let’s not blow it by rushing our best player back on the ice when we don’t need him.

Riley Nash (Not Rick Nash)  is taking over the first line centerman duties tonight and I expect him to take full advantage. This is a huge opportunity for the likes of Nash, DeBrusk, Heinen, and Acciari. The young guns have been surprising us all year with their level of play and I do not expect them to slow down now.  The only thing I’m worried about is how long Bergeron will be out. It’s funny how two weeks easily turns into a month and before you know it #37 isn’t in the starting lineup until the beginning of April.  As I’ve said luckily the Bruins are in the position where I ultimately wouldn’t mind that happening.  As long as Bergie is 100% for the playoffs that is what matters. He’s not getting any younger, we need him at full strength for the short time we have left with him.

It’s starting to get warm out. It’s almost April. NHL Playoffs are almost here. We’re almost out of the misery that is Winter. Stay strong! (Looks at weather report: Snow predicted for Friday)


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  1. Yeah, a broken foot is no joke…just as bad as a torn ACL. 🙁

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