Rob Gronkowski Was Robbed While In Minnesota

When it rains it pours.  Not only do you lose the Super Bowl, but then you come home to your house being robbed.  Doesn’t get much lower than that.  Allegedly there were numerous items stolen including safes and guns. Hopefully, the security footage can provide the police with a solid base to find these jerks. I can’t truly relate because thankfully something like an in-home burglary has never happened to me or my family, but my dad’s log splitter was stolen from our backyard one year and it’s a very unsettling feeling. Knowing a stranger was around your house is scary and infuriating at the same time. It sucks that people suck sometimes.

Police aren’t really giving much detail as to what happened, nor should they. There are alleged neighbor reports saying they saw that his gate was open on Sunday afternoon and didn’t think it was weird enough to contact authorities.  Let’s hope the police can get the job done and find these crooks. If any updates occur we will have it up on the site.

This is a case for the MOB!





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