Sean’s NFL Bets Week 12

A quick look back at last week before we get into Week 12 lines.


The Patriots -8.5 ended up going down to -6.5 by the start of the game. HAHAHAHAHA fun times.

The Jacksonville Jaguars won by more than 9 points even though it didn’t look promising. Thank you Jaguars defense.

Denver vs Cincinnati destroyed me.

HITS: 2-1

Cardinals vs Texans O/U 38 – The Texans almost beat the over by themselves.

Chargers vs Bills O/U 41 – The Chargers did beat the over by themselves. Thank you          Nathan Peterman!

Denver vs Cincinnati O/U 37- This game destroyed me

Holdups: 1-0

Pete Carroll did his best Pete Carroll impression and the Seahawks lost like I thought they would.

For those keeping track:

Sean’s Overall Record: 

Heists: 5-3

Hits: 6-1

Holdups: 3-2 

Not too shabby, but I hold myself to high standards. Need to be better.  It all starts now.



Seattle -7 vs San Francisco this week.  Russell Wilson has been doing EVERYTHING for the Seattle offense. Even with absolutely no running game I think they take care of business against San Fran. Unless Jimmy G gets the start.. then I’m terrified but will stick to my guns.

Carolina -5.5 vs the New York Jets is a heist and a half. The Mob loves collection time.



Tom Brady (GOAT) vs Miami  O/U 48   HAMMER the over.

Texans vs Ravens O/U 38  OVER FO DAYSSSS

Jaguars vs Cardinals O/U 38  SUNSET OVERDRIVE


Eagles vs Bears O/U 44   Carson Wentz gets the Over by himself. I don’t care how good the Bears Defense is.

HOLDUPS:    The Patriots are currently -17.5 against the Dolphins. The funny thing is they most likely will win by more than this, but I don’t see the defense keeping the Dolphins WR’s out of the endzone. Landry, Parker, and Stills are very Emmanuel Sanders like WR’s and we all know how Sanders did against us in Denver.

Saints vs Rams has an O/U of 53. I feel like the final score will be just under.   I think this game ends up being more defense focused than offense. The Rams have a great run defense so I am interested in seeing how the Saints react to it.  I’m also a Drew Brees fantasy owner and NEED him to go off.  I’m torn but I don’t think the total will get to 53.

Steelers vs Packers without Aaron Rodgers has the line at -15.  It’s just too many points and I can see the Packers losing by 14 with a garbage time touchdown.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Let’s keep the good times rolling with some Christmas spending $$$$$$.



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