Sean’s Super Bowl Shower Thought

My shower thought on this cold Super Bowl morning at around 9:17am eastern standard time was:

How misinterpreted will The Brady-6 documentary be after our friend Tom wins his sixth ring tonight? 

If you are in dire need to kill time today in order to get to 6:30p.m, I highly recommend watching that documentary if you’ve never seen it. It chronicles how in the 2000 NFL Draft, six quarterbacks were selected before Tom Brady, and how all of them turned out.

Spoiler Alert: Tom Brady ended up doing the best.

The six quarterbacks that were selected before the G.O.A.T were:

The Jets used the 18th pick on Marshall quarterback Chad Pennington.

Chad Pennington First Round 18th Overall

Chad had an ok career. He played 11 seasons with the Jets and Dolphins but never came close to appearing in a SuperBowl.  He was the QB that one season the Patriots went 9-7 and lost a tie-breaker to the Jets. They then got trounced by the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship game who then got trounced by the John Gruden led Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That’s as far as Chad got from even sniffing glory.

The 49ers drafted Hofstra's Giovanni Carmazzi in the third round with the 65th pick overall.

Giovanni Carmazzi 3rd Round 65th Overall

Gio Carmazzi never played in an NFL game. He never got off the 49ers practice squad. He now is a “yoga-practicing farmer” who owns five goats instead of being THE G.O.A.T.  I’m not kidding look it up.

The Ravens selected Chris Redman out of Louisville in the third round with the 75th pick overall.

Chris Redman 3rd Round 75th Overall

This guy you’ve never heard of started 12 games in his whole career and now hosts a Buck Hunting show……he was selected 124 picks before Tom Brady.

Tennessee's Tee Martin was taken in the fifth round by the Steelers with the 163rd pick overall.

Tee Martin 5th Round 163rd Overal

Tee played a whopping total of 3 NFL games. Great pick Pittsburgh.


Marc Bulger 6th Round 168th Pick

I remember Marc not being the worst quarterback when I was younger. He played with the Rams for 8 seasons but eventually lost his job to Sam Bradford. He never came within reach of a Super Bowl.


The Browns drafted Spergon Wynn out of Minnesota in the sixth round with the 183rd pick overall.

Spergon Wynn 6th Round 183rd Overall

Also only played a total of 3 NFL games and is now an Energy Broker for an energy services company.


All of these guys were selected before Tom.  The documentary goes in on that day Tom was drafted and the emotions that come with having to wait until the infamous

6th Round Overall 199th pick


It’s a given when Brady wins tonight this documentary is going to get misconstrued. This is my small attempt to help the meaning of it not get lost.

^This is what I think about in the shower.

People misconstruing a documentary about Tom Brady.

Life is weird man.


P.S:  Tom Brady won the NFL MVP yet again. It’s hilarious how not a lot of people care. The city has taken the Patriots approach. We don’t care about MVP awards, we care about Lombardi’s.

There’s not a good picture of it but the Prudential Center said “NOT DONE” on it. This is the mentality everyone has.  We don’t care about silly MVP awards (It’s not silly it’s truly an amazing accomplishment) because we know Tom doesn’t care. It all means nothing to him if he doesn’t win tonight.  It’s been said numerous times over the course of two weeks but I want to say it again.  Appreciate what you are witnessing. You will NEVER see this again. EVER. I’m fairly confident in our lifetime we will never see another quarterback go to his 8th SuperBowl (with the hopes to go to 3 or 4 more). Don’t be foolish and take this for granted.


P.S.S: Oh yeah Tom Brady posted this on his facebook at 9:18am eastern standard time. (A minute after my shower thought)


Has anyone run through a brick wall yet?  Send me videos.





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