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We’ve all had them. Some of my best ideas have come from me just aimlessly staring at the ceiling in the shower. I had one this morning and thought I’d share with the world. I’d also like this to become a thing so I’m probably going to do these on the Sunday mornings that I’m not working. I’m really just trying to spark conversation here so please, if you have a pulse on the topic, comment and start a discussion with me.

Today’s Shower Thought came to me at 8:51am eastern standard time on this cloudy January morning.

Why in the world do teams in any profession allow players to have no-trade clauses in their contracts? 

I mean that’s just bad business. In my opinion, these GM’s and executives are giving a player too much power over what’s best for business. To give you more of a visual let’s look at the dumpster fire that is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The video is not on youtube yet, and I’m not trying to get us shut down but look up the interview Isiah Thomas had last night about his shot selection. That team is in absolute shambles.

The minute Isiah got the bad deal in that trade I immediately said to myself Isiah and Lebron are NEVER going to work. As of right now, it looks like I’m right, but we’ve gone through this crap before with Lebron teams and he still ends up in the finals.

However, if you put yourself in the Cleveland General Manager’s shoes what in the hell do you do? I’d tell you what I’d want to do. Trade Lebron James. Now, this isn’t  because I’m a Boston homer, or because I strongly dislike Lebron (which I am and do).

As Cleveland GM, I am sitting in my office wondering what the heck happened from me being a finals contender with arguably two of the best players in the league (Lebron and Kyrie) to a team that now can’t even pretend to like each other and shows no signs of becoming a cohesive unit.

ON TOP OF THAT, I have my best player not giving me an answer on if he is going to commit and opt in to his 35.6 million dollar one year extension to play for my basketball team.

I don’t care who you are. If you can not give me a yes or a no answer on this I don’t want you. My job is on the line. It’s my job to do what’s best for the team. Danny Ainge even though he is hated by Isiah Thomas right now….DID WHAT WAS BEST FOR THE TEAM’S FUTURE SUCCESS. I NEED ANSWERS.

“If Lebron hasn’t said yes yet he’s probably not going to. Why would he? This team, this organization, is a hot steaming pile of poo.   I’m going to fix this. I’m trading Lebron to the Lakers or the Knicks tomorrow. He’s going to leave us for one of those teams next year anyway. Why not get some assets for him?  I’ll fix this.”     -This is what Cleveland GM Koby Altman wishes he could say.

He can’t trade Lebron because he’s got a full no-trade clause. Lebron is basically allowed to veto any trade that Cleveland wants to make. He and Carmelo Anthony (at the beginning of the year) were the only two people in the league who own this luxury. Lebron can accept or veto any trade offer that comes up, but why the heck would he accept anything when he has the option to make 35 million next season in Cleveland OR test the free agency waters and potentially make more for another team. (COUGH COUGH LAKERS COUGH COUGH) In short, he’s not accepting anything and you are screwed Mr. Altman.   Why the heck give players that power?

The trade deadline in the NBA is two weeks away and Cleveland can do nothing substantial. (I refuse to put George Hill under the substantial category).  There’s not a lot of moves they can make that work with the salary cap. They have players fighting amongst each other, AND their best player is more than likely leaving for the Lakers next season in which they receive nothing in return. It’s laugh out loudable.

I would be so intrigued by what would be happening right now if Lebron did not have a no-trade clause in his contract.  As GM I can’t even plan moves for next year because I have ZERO answers to what direction I’m going in. I either have Lebron James or I don’t.  That’s a ginormous gap. I can’t even cash in on my best player because he’s such a ginormous pile of douche. This no-trade clause is going to cost me my job because it limits me being able to do my job!!! Poor Koby Altman. Pray for him.

This shower thought could also be titled Lebron Is Such A Dick.






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  1. I love arguing with people and playing devil’s advocate so I’ll bite. I’m a soccer fan (I follow the Celtics consistently so I’m not clueless but still. Not really my thing) I definitely agree that it’s a fundamentally bad business move. But isn’t the NBA a pretty high risk high reward league as it is? Yeah the cavs are a dumpster fire from what I can tell. I agree. But what the hell does that make The Nets then?? Cause I’ve never even heard of them and that’s a scary thought. Lmk what you think Sean.. I’m so bored..

    1. Hahaha the Nets are still feeling the effects of the pierce KG trade. However believe it or not they are on the upward trajectory (although minimal). They also have pieces that they can use to make trades and have young guys they can develop. I was just saying how the situation the Cavs have put themselves in is a super tough spot and just because of one no trade clause (in my personal opinion) they can’t do anything to get themselves out of it. Basically the Nets are shoveling themselves out of the hole their awful decision makers made and the Cavs arent even able to buy a shovel because they have 0 clue what direction they are going in because of Lebron.

    2. Arguing is fun!!

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