The Bruins Are Sneaky My Favorite Thing Going On In Boston Sports Right Now….SHHHH Don’t Tell Anyone.

My Grandmother (die hard Celtics fan) just rolled over in her grave.

I’m sorry, but it’s true. The last time I posted a Bruins take I was calling for Tuukka’s benching. Since, he has been lights out. In this ridiculous 13-0-4 run, Tuukka has been behind 9 of the 13 wins and his Save Percentage has gone up from the abysmal .900 to a respectable .929.  In short, Coach Cassidy lit the fire that Tuukka has seemed to be missing for the past few seasons. I still love me some Khudobin from time to time, but it is nice to have the goalie you are paying 7-8 million dollars a year actually performing.

Here’s a secret…. I have ZERO idea how they are pulling this off.  This year, if we are being real for a second, should have been a rebuilding season with the Wild Card being a potential consolation prize. Instead, here I am talking about how they have 2 games in hand and are 5 points out of being the #1 team in the LEAGUE. Not the Atlantic, nor the Eastern Conference, The NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE. I can’t stop laughing at the fact I’m even typing that.  WHAT?????  The team has 6-7 guys below the legal drinking age yet they could care less. They play with confidence and heart and by God I love them. I HAVE NO SHAME SAYING THEY ARE SNEAKY MY FAVORITE THING GOING ON RIGHT NOW.  We expect Tom Brady to make it to the season opener (The SuperBowl) every year. We expected the Celtics to be good, not this good, but good. Not one person could have said that the Bruins would be in this position this season without being publicly ridiculed. (Took me 5 tries to spell ridiculed correctly) and that’s why I enjoy them so much.  The unexpected is more fun than the norm. Obviously with everything else going on in the city the B’s continue to get swept under the rug, but they are making it very hard to forget about.

When you dig a little into the season you can see that these winning ways all started from the B’s finally getting their core veteran guys all healthy…..FINALLY!   Marchand (Shoutout to Big Noses), Bergie, Backes, even Krejci have been playing at an exceptional rate and have shown true veteran leadership towards all the kids.

(Can I say that now? What age am I not a “kid”? anymore…aging blows).

I’m still very intrigued if this team can continue its rocket ship trajectory to the moon. There next few games are against Ottawa, Anaheim, St Louis, Toronto, and Detroit. No chance they win all those games. Right???? No matter what they are so much fun to watch each night and I hope people start to pay more attention to them.

I try my best to not be too much of the delusional homer that I am deep down. If you’d like to briefly be a debbie downer with me check out the Bruins last 16 games of their schedule starting with a home and home with the Chicago Blackhawks on March 10th.  11 of their final 16 games are on the road against pretty decent competition.  The more points we get now means the less pressure and less chance for an epic collapse. This run won’t continue. It just can’t. It’s not possible…..RIGHT?????


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Blueprint to destroying your franchise:

  1. Trade away P.K Subban….arguably the best defensemen in the league and not give one reason why. (People forget he didn’t request a trade)
  2. Sign an aging Carey Price to an 8 year 84 million dollar contract crushing your cap space
  3. Sign Claude Julien to a 5 year deal for the sole fact that he’s French Canadian.

Thank God I’m a Boston Sports Fan.  How do other people do it?






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