Tom Brady and Michael Strahan Have Played The Game Of Marketing Masterfully With Tom Vs Time

I am just finding out today that Religion of Sports is a media company that Tom Brady and Michael Strahan share ownership of. This Tom vs Time docu-series has been nothing short of perfect. Not only with the content that we are witnessing, but the timing of when these videos are coming out. This leads me to this theory:

Now I can’t confirm this with any sources so please forgive me if I am wrong. I looked online and saw nothing of this, but if it’s already old news I apologize.

When you wake up Sunday morning, Tom vs Time episode 5 will be out for your viewing pleasure while you munch on your Super Bowl breakfast.

Not only because it’s Super Bowl Sunday, but because when Tom wins later that day, he can then release episode 6 with his 6 rings later in the week.

It’s freaking genius.

He’s a genius.

It’s Tom’s world and I’m just living in it.

Now if they lose it’ll look extremely foolish, but then he can just release the 6th episode a couple weeks after when things calm down a tad.

It is frustrating knowing that the range of media is going to be ridiculous in terms of if we win or lose. If we win they will further his legacy as the greatest of all time. If we lose, there will be too many unnecessary questions of doubt and topics of turmoil. Should the Pats have traded Garoppolo?  Is their tension between Kraft, Brady, and Bill? Is Brady done for?  It’s the same thing we’ve seen for the past three to four seasons when we start 2-2 just amplified by 100 because it’s the Super Bowl.  That’s the difference between winning and losing I guess.

If, no no WHEN, the Patriots win on Sunday this marketing/advertising strategy looks like a stroke of genius though. How much more baller can you get?  Releasing your 6th episode of your own docu-series with a company you own which probably promotes the hell out of your TB12 method all while winning your 6th Super Bowl is as baller as baller gets. Lamar and Lonzo should take notes from the goat.


Image result for tom brady rings gif


If that’s not a baller/glorified G…I’m not sure what is.


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